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Winter is Gone?

Becky PagsibinganBy Becky Pagsibingan

In the calendar, the end of winter season is just four weeks away. There was no winter, just some snow dust. Pretty soon spring will sprung. And shortly the proud daffodils will appear overnight likewise, the forsythia shall show-off its graceful stems heavy with tiny bright yellow flowers. The tweeting birds will greet the early risers.  But how can we feel the drama of seasonal change if one season is missing?

Each season has its own wonders, but the beauty of spring colors can be vividly seen and intensely felt only after the white and cold winter is over.  Actually, I miss winter with its magnificent “Winter Wonderland” postcard- like scenery.  Remember the sight of the pine trees all covered with sparkling white snow?  How about watching though your window the cascading snow falling and covering the roof tops, bushes and grounds?  Well, what I am trying to say is that Mother Nature should keep all the four seasons  winter, spring, summer and fall  to naturally happen because each one has its own beauty to offer.  I see the psychological values that these seasons present us. After the hot and crazy summer, fall leads us to calmer activities, feel cooler and prepare our minds to quiet and contemplative moods in the winter.  Then, the renewal in spirit and vibrancy of self will set in at the onset of spring. The seasonal cycle is just wonderful. I love the four seasons.

Manila Visit

I will miss the last leg of winter in March as I will be in Manila by then. It is a blessing in disguise that because of the current spring-like temperature here,  my body will not feel the drastic “very cold to very hot” temperature scalemamam. However, I was told to anticipate the very hot normal March weather in Manila.  My brother assured me that the venue of his daughter’s wedding, my niece, will be pleasant and cool  in Highland, Tagaytay.  OK, cool.

This is only a two-week vacation, so I will have to organize my schedule of visits with my relatives and friends in my calendar; plus some time to shop. Of course, alam ko na ang puro kainan invitations, left and right. Sure I will eat my faves.  I’ll just go back to my usual eating habits when I return back here.

Surprise Birthday Party

Fely Gomez was given a surprise birthday party by her husband Ferdie.  It was smoothly orchestrated that Fely never suspected that the party was for her. She was truly surprised to the delight of the guests.  She confessed the reason why she did not want to have a party – did not want to reveal her age. She was 60 years old, but all agreed she did not look her age.  She was very happy.


The mother of Vilma Mataac, Mrs. Bienvenida Villaflores passed away on February 13, 2012 at the age of 90. It was recalled that almost a year ago, her husband, Juan Villaflores, died on February 22, at the age of 96. Two days apart, it was the internment for Bienvenida on February 20 and 1st death anniversary/“Babang-Luksa” for Juan on February 22. . Their children, Vilma, Mila and Boy, were telling their friends that their parents had met already and celebrated Valentine’ s Day somewhere.  Vilma is the wife of community leader Celso Mataac.

February Birthday Celebrants

Vilma Mataac of NorthPotomac,  MD – February 2

Dr. Evelyn Co ofVienna,VA – February 2

Fely Gomez ofSpringfiled,VA – February 7.

Josephine Masanque ofAshburn,VA – February 16

Nenita Joaquin Rasmussen  - February 18

Norma Azarcon ofHerndon,VA – February 21

Becky M. Pagsibigan ofVienna,VA – February 21

Becky Ramos ofAlexandria,VA – February 21

Josephine dela Rosa ofFalls Church,VA – February 26

Danny Perico ofHerndon,VA – February 28

Francis Masanque ofAshburn,VA – February 29

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