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What is Obamacare


When the Supreme Court affirmed the constitutionality of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act  “Obamacare”  they revived one of the most contentious, enigmatic, maligned and misunderstood laws ever crafted in the United States.
The fact that it’s almost 3,000 pages long does not help. It is byzantine as it is expansive.
Try asking people on the streets what they know about the law  half would probably give you the shrug, the other half a rambling explanation,
People tend to focus on just parts of the law they like or dislike, fueling vociferous argument, a truly futile and pointless exercise that only adds to the pervading acrimony.
“More important than the quest for certainty,” Francois Gautier admonished, “is the quest for clarity.”
A Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that as many as 14 percent of Filipinos in the United States don’t have insurance, the 3rd best next to Indian and Japanese Americans. 
Learning and understanding this law  especially as it affects the Fil-Am community  remains a challenge. Just how hard are we trying to dissect this law? 
Sometimes, it reminds us too much of school homework. We’d rather be doing else but we had to do it because we knew the cost of going through the next day unprepared. (RJJ)
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