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Gigolos, beware!

WARNING!  A recent medical study shows that a man making love to a woman other than his wife is dangerous to his health. It said men are susceptible to having a heart attack in the act of …oh, never mind..Gigolos, beware!


Ha. ha, he, he…Tsismoso is red faced. His pessimism about Portable Medicare campaign has been defanged. USP4GG wins! PNoy has finally listened to the cries of Loida and Eric for the government to support the Portable, whatyoumcallit..Medicare program. Now that PNoy favors it, the group is asking for funds for lobbying.


Wow,WashingtonD.C.is the most literate big city in theUnited States, according to theConnecticutStateUniversity. But it is also among the rudest city, according to another survey. But FilAms in DC agree with theConnecticutstudy but say they are not included among the rudest. “We are the nicest, friendliest and most literate residents in the Greater Washington D.C. area,” crowed one FilAm leader.


Hurray! PNoy has a new girlfriend, Grace Lee. She is “made inSouth Korea” but grew up in thePhilippines. No one knows if Kris has approved the match.


Manila Mail readers, according to some Tsismosos, are raving mad. Reason: the Mail backpage story (Jan. 31, 2012): “Aquino forges close ties with Thai premier” was obviously cut, with Kris’ juicy Tweets inadvertently deleted. Here are the missing lines from that abbreviated story.

“She came, she saw and she conquered,” Kris twits Aquino.

The Thai Prime Minister so impressed PNoy’s celebrity sister  Kris that she said in her Twitter account that the 44-year-old Thai leader and the 51-year-old Mr. Aquino looked like a lovely pair.

After the meeting, Kris tweeted: “Came from Malacanang. Lunch for Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. She’s tall & slim & attractive! 44 yrs old, bagay (a good match) for Pnoy! ”

But Kris’ tweet didn’t sit well with another Twitter user, dyonisii, who said: “only kris can be as crass as this.”

Twitter user gizellegay deflated the hopes of any would-be matchmaker,saying: “I think she’s already married.” Yes, sir, she is already married.

Gizellegay’s tweet appeared to find support in an article that appeared last August in the US Forbes magazine, which said that Yingluck “has one child with her common-law husband Anusorn Amornchat.”

A story by the Reuters news agency that same month said that Yingluck preferred “to spend time with common-law husband Anusorn Amornchat, managing director of mobile handset distributor M-Link Asia Corp., and her 9-year-old son Supasek.”

The Thai government website says she is “married to businessman Anusorn Amornchat.”

And to add insult to injury, said another Tsismoso, the same page carried the story of the marriage of Rep. Roman Romulo to PNoy’s former girlfriend, Shalani Soledad. Roman is the son of former Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo.

President Aquino, who was invited to the wedding, was a no show. He was inBaguiocity relaxing, Malacanang said.

Again, Tsismosos cites the juicy quotes missing from the story. Sample: “I’m very happy that I’ve found you,” Romulo, 44, said during the ceremonial exchange of vows. “I promise to love you from now on until forever,”Soledad, 31, replied. Yikes!

In lieu of gifts,Soledadand Romulo had asked their guests to donate to the victims of the deadly Tropical Storm “Sendong.”

An online news report earlier said President Aquino would not attend the wedding but would send a gift “bought by his staff.” Earlier, he had wished the couple a happy life together.


Pssssssssssssssssssssstt…fellow Tsismosos and Tsismosas, please share your tsismis with Tsismoso. I have an email now: TsismosoFilipino@aol.com.

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