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Tsismosos predictions

Now that everyone has made their year-end reviews, I will make my own review of the top Tsismis in 2007 and predictions for 2008:
- Migrant Heritage Commission will continue to rile other groups because it will continue to beat all other non-profits in doing good things for the local community, particularly the descamisados (walang damit or shirtless).
- Mrs. Thelma Anonuevo (New Year) Billy, despite her heavily-accented Visayan tongue, will continue to put to shame all individuals or groups who claim their hearts bleed for the poor.
- Ambassador Willy C. Gaa and Mrs. Linda Gaa will continue to improve the record of former Ambassador Albert del Rosario in establishing closer relations with the Filipino American community.
- More and more organizations will come out from the shadows of their own exclusive website to utilize all media in projecting their projects.
- That officials in the Philippine embassy will continue to be transparent with the community.
- That the mosquito Filipino American media will get together to form a sort of a club instead of killing each other.
- That the old will increasingly give way to the young in all community endeavors. (Shhhh…that includes the volunteer editorial staffers of the Manila Mail.)
- That organizations, particularly the non-profits, will now make their books more accessible to the cynical public.
- That more and more public schools in the US will renew their contracts with the Filipino teachers they recruited from the Philippines.
My New Years resolutions:
- That henceforth everyone will start eating crabs instead of putting them in their heads (crab mentality, pare).
- That Tsismoso write more positive instead of negative things.
- That Filipino Americans will stop being racists ourselves.
- That Ambassador Willy C. Gaa will now negotiate a contract with Tsismoso and Darling, LLP, or rather the Filipino American community SOB, to lobby for Philippine interests not only in the White House and Congress but in all departments of the government. The cost may be much less than the amount the Department of Foreign Affairs will be paying to Covington & Burling LLP.
- That organizations will join in the effort to help overseas Filipino workers and the TNTs of which there are hundreds in town.
- That we open our homes and our hearts to make the new crop of immigrants, the Filipino teachers and nurses, feel at home.
- That the Filipino veterans keep taking their vitamins and rejuvenation pills so they will still be alive when our favorite Sen. Larry Craig decide to drop his pants, oops, opposition to the veterans equity bill.
- That more Velie Sandalo Dietrich Halls will emerge to throw their hats in the political ring.
- That Jon Melegrito, the Manila Mails columnist, will stop endangering himself by becoming a driver of the mediamen covering the campaign of Sen. Hillary Clinton.
- That Eric Lachica, executive director of the American Coalition of Filipino Veterans, start using the wives and children of veterans as props for his photo ops. His regular companions must already be tired walking the corridors of Congress
- That some leaders stop claiming credit for something that has not yet been successfully completed.
- That organizations follow the footsteps of Feed the Hungry by publicly publishing their income and expenses, up to the last cent.
- That my readers will use my new email tsismosodc@hotmail.com to give me tips, both good and bad, so we can denounce the bad and praise the good things that happen in the community. No questions asked, ID not needed, everything will be held in confidence.
- That officers and members of the Filipino American Basketball Association of Metropolitan Washington DC (FABA) as well as other sports groups stop breaking up existing groups simply because they dont like some of the rules that have proven to be successful.
- That Consul General of the Philippine embassy Ding Nolasco and his staff will keep up the good work. All satisfied customers of the consular section have been citing the stark contrast between the present with the past, when Consul General Jocelyn Garcia was acting like a dictator.
- That the consular section will continue to improve its collection of fees. Reports are that it raked in more than $750,000 this year, enough to pay for the lobbying services of Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat of Covington & Burling LLP for six months.
@9PTCA = ***
To some people, the season of peace on earth, goodwill to man is over. A Tsismoso wrote in quoting this biblical passage: Let him who is without sin cast the first stone. Begging not to reveal his name because he might be lynched by the people concerned, he questioned one organizations tax-exempt status. His queries: Please show to the public documents to prove that you are a non-profit group. Who elected you president? When was the election held? How many members do you have? Provide copies of tax returns filed by your group, copy of registration forms from IRS.
@9PTCA = ***
Many Filipino Americans have stopped informing relatives and friends about their forthcoming trips to the Philippines! Reason is that the padala system, almost a tradition among Filipino Americans, has put a lot of balikbayans in trouble with US customs. The problem has become so severe that a Filipino at the Department of Homeland Security in Los Angeles asked everyone to spread the alarm.
He continued:
A Filipino friend shared this email. His friend who works for Homeland Security as Immigration Inspector at LAX ( Los Angeles International Airport ) called him yesterday to share the information that happened last weekend. *_A FIL-AM citizen who was flying to the Philippines for vacation was apprehended by an Airport Immigration agent while she was checking in her baggage and going through the X-ray machine. For some reason, she was randomly checked and was told to open all the envelopes inside her carry-on Coach bag.
They found 10 envelops addressed to different people in the Philippines When all the envelops were opened, a total of $11,000 cash was discovered. They asked the traveler if she knew the contents of the envelope. She said no, because all the envelopes are just padala and the senders didnt tell her whether or not there was money inside.
Immigration agents showed her a Policy and guidance stating that it is illegal to import and export over $10,000 in any Asian countries to prevent the possibility of supporting terrorism.
She was fined $500, her name was red labeled by Immigration (means every time she enters and exits the airport, she will be searched 100%), and she also missed her scheduled flight to the Philippines for being held almost 5 hours. Hard to believe that departing passengers from the U.S. are also subject to the policy but looks like it is being strictly enforced now.
The lesson is before you accept any padala, make sure the envelopes are open and you physically see the contents of it or just plainly say sorry but I cant accept any padala for your own safety.

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