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The silent ‘Post’

APTOPIX Pacquiao Hatton BoxingA Tsismoso agrees with the Manila Mail’s report (May 15, 2009) that the Washington Post, Washington Times and some mainstream Virginia newspapers wittingly or unwittingly did not publish a single line or photo of Philippine champion Manny Pacquiao slamming Britain’s Ricky Hatton to the canvas in two rounds at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas May 2.

pacquiaobeatshatton2“Yes,” this Tsismoso says, “I, too, surfed the web more than 24 hours after the fight and it seems only the Post, Times and some Virginia papers did not publish anything about Pacquiao’s spectacular victory. Many of the major newspapers in the east Coast published the story and photo of Pacquiao. Perhaps, for the Post, Times and others who have ignored the news, it was just impossible for a Filipino to beat a White Man.”

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