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The Ilonggo Nation

Anybody read the online newsletter of the Ilonggos? My fellow Tsismosos have informed me that the name of this new group should be a cause for worry for President Arroyo who is a Kapampangan as well as Tagalogs, Itawis, Warays, Bicolanos, Ilocanos, etcetera. They said this group might become another secessionist group similar to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), which wants to secede from the Philippines.

Here is this groups collective letter to me in my email address: (tsismosodc@hotmail.com)

My fellow Tsismoso:
We are bringing to your attention the birth of a new movement that might follow the trail of the secessionist Moro Islamic Liberation Front which is demanding independence. We urge you to go to this groups website called banwa_mo@yahoo.com (ilonggoNation Movement). This movement sounds fearsome. Ilonggo Nation Movement? And its newsletter is called Ang Pungsod Ilonggo, Kabisay-an Nakatungdan (The Ilonggo Nation” Movement newsletter). What is troubling is that its first issue carried the story of the heroic Ilonggos who fought the Spanish invaders 400 years ago! And it showed the political map of Western Visayas. Its motto is To appreciate where you are now, you should know where you came from.

The newsletter said it is published fortnightly for INM (Ilongo Nationa Movement members and friend.) In one of its issues, the top stories included The Cry of Sta. Barbara, I Am Bisaya, The Ylongo Composo, etcetera.

It says that to access its issues, please go to /Ang Punsod Ilonggo/” at: www.IlonggoNation.blogspot.com Previous publications are likewise, archived therein.

It concludes: We are pleased to have the privilege of serving you. Ang inyo alagad…dinggol a.divinagracia..(INM Website at: www.Ilonggo-Nation.8k.com


Now what will happen to the Philippines if the Ilocanos, for instance, declare an independent Ilocano Republic, the Kampampangan their own republic etc., etc.? Please spread the warning.
Okay. If Gloria does not reform, I will support the Ilonggo Nation Movement and all other Movements that will emerge.

Thanks to the fees that you pay the consular section of the Philippine embassy, government is now in a position to pay Covington & Burling LLP the $500,000 fee it charges for six months to lobby on behalf of the government on Capitol Hill and the White House.
And thanks to the new look in the consular section, the embassy was able to generate an income of more than $800,000 last year. The Consular Section led by Consul General Domingo Nolasco is generating enough income for the embassy because of the improvement in service. Processing time for visas, passports, authentication of documents, etcetera is now done on time, without long delays. And the morale of the staff is reportedly very high even if they are underpaid.

The bad news is that the chairs they are sitting on for hours, including that of the consul general badly need repairs. The tables are over 20 years old, the office needs fresh paint and there are no chairs for visitors!

Here is an angry email from a reader of Washington Tsismis (errors included). Mr Tsismoso, you is very mean. You was rude. Hinde ka yata Filipino. Why criticism to volunteers whose doing a patriotic service to the community and to Ambassador Willy C. Gaa who wanted to meet former embassy officers and staff through pot luck? Its unFilipino. You deserve to be castrated, roasted…. I dont know who gave you the mis-information that reunion of former embassy officials was limited to a select group.
Psstt… The info was supplied by someone who was furious because he was not invited.

Here is an email from one who claims to be a veteran supporter: The American Coalition of Filipino Veterans (ACFV) has joined the clamor for the Philippines to hire more American lobby groups to move the stalled Filipino Veterans Equity Bill in the US Congress. One observer who is obviously against this proposal and is knowledgeable about the veterans problems, said: ACFV claims it has been successful in getting Congress to pass bills that benefited Filipino veterans in the past. So why should it now encourage the poverty-stricken nation to shell out more money because there is a need to balance Convington & Burling LLP which is made up of Democrats with another lobby group that is made up of Republicans? Is ACFV aware that the government has already hired a former top Republican congressman Ben Gilman to lobby for the veterans bill? No matter how many lobby groups the Philippines will hire, it can never get congress, Republicans or Democrats to shell out millions annually for Filipino veterans pension. I believe the Filipino American vote will be more powerful than that of any lobby group when it comes to bills that require huge outlays.” Signed: Superman.
Second the motion.

Calling on all Tsismosos: If you have time in your hands, try surfing in the blogsphere. Here is a sample:
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