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J.G. Azarcon, ESQ.By J.G. Azarcon, ESQ.
Happy Thanksgiving! Its a day we take stock of the good things and the challenges that have befallen our way. Notwithstanding unfulfilled expectations and unforseen misfortunes, we can always count the blessings worth celebrating.

Early this year my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. She is done with her therapy.
And thanks to the support of family and friends, she is back to normal- I can tell because she does backseat driving again.

When you are down, thats when you find who your friends are. Cancer exacts a heavy physical and emotional toll on the afflicted. The little things that mean a lot rendered unsolicited by many have certainly made the ordeal bearable.

I remember Aileen, a cancer survivor herself, knocking at our door without prior notice. She brought a large bowl. “I dont cook but I made you arroz caldo.” I dont remember whether it was masarap or not, but her gesture was really a boost of energy.

My wifes coworker, Julie, spent long hours with her at the clinic driving away the boredom during long chemotherapy treatments.

Oscar and Evelyn knew that the commander-in-chef in our house was out of commission. They would drop by many times to share the bounty from Evelyns kitchen. Because my wife had very little appetite, I ended up devouring the fruits of their generosity.

Pat and Becky visited every now and then just to chat and share dinner. I remember Becky talking about the power of prayer.

Speaking of the power of faith, Pastor Freddie Dela Rosa gave me misty eyes when he asked me to pray with him on the telephone.

I was spared with some of the driving chores by Alma, Inday and Vellie. Alma and June also joined the cheering squad at the hospital after surgery.

We always had fresh flowers in the house to color the day. But more than the flowers, the constant trickle of greeting cards really have lifted my wifes spirits. I cannot name the countless people who cheered her on, but Glorias cards never stopped coming.

Thats how we are, Filipinos. We have brought to America the trait called damayan.We do things to ease the pain of people we care about.

To those whose names I mentioned, and to others too many to mention, my family and my wifes family, please accept our profound thanks for your kindness and love that enabled us to navigate the rocky road, shaken but not beaten, alive and well.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Who else deserve a big Thank You?
Thank you to the peoples champ Manny Pacquiao for bringing glory to the Philippines, for showing the world that people who eat corn can last longer, and for keeping the nation crime-free two or three times a year.
Thank you to Pres. Barack Obama. His deficit spending unprecedented in scale, tax increases to cover health reform and massive expansion of federal government have awakened the Republicans and brought them back on the playing field.

Thank you to former Alaska governor Sarah Palin. Her book tour and ubiquitous media presence have given the elitist liberals fits and indigestion. Why bother attacking her if she really didnt matter? Go ahead, annoy then some more.

I dont applaud intrusions of privacy. But the hackers who gained access into the computer files of climatologists at the British University in Anglia deserve a thank you. They discovered emails indicating that the advocates of man-made global warming have employed trickery to cook some of the temperature data in order to come up with a desired result supporting their proposition. This truth is very inconvenient to Mr. Al Gore. The climatologists are frustrated that they could not come up with an explanation to the cooling of the earth in the last decade.

Most of all, thank you to the American private market-based health care system. My wife received the best treatment in the world. We are fortunate that the universal health care system of Canada and Great Britain has not taken hold in America. Never, I hope, notwithstanding Pres. Obamas promise during the campaign to provide universal health care to Americans.

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