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Tebow Spotlights His Projects in Philippines

New York Jets newest quarterback Tim Tebow would rather talk about his charity projects in the Philippines.

NEW YORK. Quarterback Tim Tebow, who is joining the New York Jets, thrust into the spotlight his charity work in the Philippines during a press conference here late last month, according to the Filipino Reporter.

Tebow’s charity work in the Philippines benefits hundreds of needy children as he underscored the importance of his humanitarian endeavors and being a role model to fans.
The son of an American missionary couple, Tebow was born in Makati, Philippines.

Even when he was still in college in Florida, he often joined his parents in their missionary work in Mindanao. This is the reason he kneels and prays during football games.
Tebow, 24, said “My foundation is something that is extremely important to me, something that I’m very proud of.”

He told the NY media “I’m so proud of the 650 orphans that we support, or the 18 Timmy’s playrooms that we’re building, or the hospital in the Philippines that we’re building because ultimately I know that’s more important than anything I do on the football field, the ability to brighten a kid’s day, the ability to make someone smile.”

The Tim Tebow Foundation has partnered with CURE International to construct a 30-patient-bed hospital in Davao City that will be known as Tebow CURE Hospital of the Philippines.
He also emphasized the social responsibilities of popular athletes like him to serve as an inspiration to others. “We’re put on a pedestal as a football player which makes us no more important or no more special than anybody else,” Tebow declared.

“You have an opportunity, I believe more than that, it’s a responsibility to be a good role model, to set a good example and to make a difference in kids’ lives, especially kids that are looking up to you because you play football,” he said.

He continued: “Sometimes we can get so busy and caught up in the hustle and bustle, forget about being a role model, setting a good example and making a difference in people’s lives that are looking up to us.

“Ultimately I know that my biggest goal in being here and being a football player, is to set a great example, and I’m excited about this opportunity.”
Tebow, meanwhile, also talked about his Christian faith after he was asked if he intends to be careful in spreading his faith in New York and in the locker room.
He stressed that he’s never ashamed of saying that Jesus Christ is his Lord and Savior, but he made it clear that he never shoves his belief to fellow players.
“I think it is the greatest way you can have an impact on people’s lives is your integrity, character and how you go about handling yourself.”
He, likewise, addressed the so-called “Tebowing,” which refers to his penchant for kneeling and praying during football games.

“As far as like Tebowing goes, I’ve been doing that same routine for the last seven years, since my senior year in high school,” he explained.
“All of a sudden this last year it became a big deal that I was going to the end zone and getting on a knee before a game and praying. I’ll get up and do a few jumps and sprint down the sideline. It’s funny because all of a sudden it became a big story, but it’s something I’ve done the last seven years.”

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