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Ghost of Workplace Discrimination

  By: Jose Todith Garcia, Esq. A Filipino nurse is forbidden from speaking Tagalog in the hospital where she works. A computer programmer from India is given a salary that is… Read More

FilAm gets more votes than Barry as DC delegate

Greg Cendana

A Filipino American has garnered more votes than DC Council Member Marion Barry during the election for delegates to the Democratic Partys national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in September.… Read More

APA groups hit Barry barb on Asian businesses

WASHINGTON D.C. Asian American groups condemned DC Council member Marion Barry for his recent remarks about Asian-owned businesses in his Ward 8 district. “As members of local and national organizations… Read More

Spratly Dispute Tops PH-US Summit in DC

WASHINGTON. Top Philippine officials will meet here with their US counterparts on April 30 for an unprecedented 2+2 summit in the wake of spiraling tensions over the Spratly islands in… Read More

Filipino Healing Priest To Hold Masses in DC, MD

Fr. Fernando Suarez

Controversial “healing priest” Fernando Suarez will be in the region next month to hold special masses in Washington DC and Maryland. Fr. Suarez, who is no stranger to Metro DC,… Read More

DC FilAms Remember EDSA

Filipino Americans in Washington DC joined their compatriots around the world and in the Philippines to mark the 25th anniversary of the EDSA People Power revolution on February 25. That… Read More

Ondy drive in Washington DC

WASHINGTON D.C. – Responding to the call of Ambassador Willy C. Gaa for Filipino Americans to extend relief assistance to the victims of Typhoon “Ondoy,” several groups in the Washington… Read More

GMA in Washington

Related PostsExaggerator-In-Chief Aquino sister to Sison: Say when, where I met Arroyo, such lie GMA rating falls even before ‘Ondoy’ ‘Mukhang’ OK Reconciliation? Negroponte warns on Charter change Cory’s Death… Read More

New Year’s resolution

The year 2008 is about to end, Everyone is busy making his or her own New Year resolutions. The ‘Manila Mail’ is no exception. Related PostsThe Manila Mail Calendar of… Read More

Filam wrestler performs before big DC crowd

Text & photos by Philip A. Lopez It was a spectacular display of muscle and strength as Filipino American wrestler defeated his opponent, Dolph Ziggler at the World Wrestling Entertainment… Read More

Filams: Talk immigration, not lipsticks, pigs

By Rodney J. Jaleco WASHINGTON D.C. Like many in the nation, Filipino-Americans are dismayed by the way the Related PostsNew USCIS Rule Will Help TNTs Deferred Action Begins Approval of… Read More

House Okays Bill Minus RP Vets Pension

Lump Sum May Be Alternative Related PostsPlease Speedup Vets’ Payment – Gaa Taguba gives vet 1st check Push vets bill, Gaa told Hoping for a miracle Read More

Fate of RP vets bill hangs; groups oppose compromise

WASHINGTON D.C. = With less than two weeks to go before Congress adjourns, the fate of the Filipino Veterans Equity Bill hangs in the balance. Related PostsGuam Doctors Oppose PH… Read More

U.S., United Kingdom Border Agencies Agree to Exchange Critical Passenger Information to Protect Borders

Tuesday, September 23, 2008) Washington — U.S. Customs and Border Protection signed a joint agreement today in Washington, D.C., with the United Kingdom Border Agency to strengthen our Related PostsHP… Read More

Filipina maid hits Israeli embassy staffer

By Rodney J. Jaleco WASHINGTON D.C. – Ma. Loisa Gil, a Filipina domestic helper, has complained that a member of the Israeli embassy’s security staff is paying her only less… Read More

Keep 9-11 out of politics

On Thursday, Sept. 11, the nation once again paused for a moment to remember the more than 3,000 innocent civilians, including Filipino Americans, who perished in the treacherous attacks on… Read More

‘Alay’ concert for a worthy cause

FORT WASHINGTON = It was a welcome treat for a very worthy cause. Related PostsThe Gardeners of DC A Shattered Dream Read More

FORT WASHINGTON = It was a welcome treat for a very worthy cause. (more…)