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Top level meet delayed so DND brass can finish ‘homework’

Navy gets US Dallas class warship

WASHINGTON D.C. – The scheduled 2×2 ministerial meeting in Washington DC was pushed back from March to April to reportedly give Philippine defense officials more time to finish drawing up… Read More

PH-donated destroyer to US named ‘Rizal’

Warship Named After Dr. Jose Rizal

WASHINGTON D.C.  - No Filipino is perhaps more recognized and revered than national hero Jose Rizal. His likeness appears in virtually every Philippine town, and Rizal markers have been placed… Read More

Road to AFP Modernization

Sometime in the late 90s, the Philippine Navy invited a group of journalists to take a week-long cruise in the Visayas. It was their first and largest fleet exercise in… Read More

Navy gets 9 boats from US

The navy received seven brand new utility boats and two Boston Whalers donated by the US government, Related PostsUS envoy hails Filipino ‘spirit’ Kenney says US interest is Mindanao peace… Read More

Kawawa ang Bayan

By Juan L. Mercado MANILA – Is sanctuarized murder emerging in the 12-year-old unsolved killing of Philippine Navy Ensign Phillip Andrew Pestano, Read More