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Massive Floods Paralyze Metro Manila

OPS in rubber boat rescue kids in QC.

  In a virtual reprise of the massive Ondoy floods, vast areas of Metro Manila and nearby provinces went under water from non-stop monsoon rains killing scores of people and… Read More

A not so merry X’mas?

This year’s celebration of Christmas by Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad may not be as merry as in previous years. First, there was the devastation wrought by typhoons Ondoy… Read More

Who is Nograles’ padrino?

While tens of thousands of Filipinos overseas are raising funds for the victims of typhoons Ondoy, Pepeng, Ramil, etc. a 14-man Philippine congressional delegation led by Speaker Prospero Nograles arrived… Read More

Disease kills over 150 in flooded areas

MANILA – The Philippines, still recovering from the back-to-back typhoons that killed almost 900 people, is again appealing for international assistance to stem the outbreak of a flood-borne disease that… Read More

UN starts sending high energy food

MANILA – As the United Nations started shipping tons of high energy foods for distribution to the victims of the floods in the Philippines, Malacañang assured the people that the… Read More

Ear on the ground

By Juan Mercado CEBU CITY Few see it for now. Funerals for flood and mudslide victims are ongoing. Footage of traumatized survivors, sloshing through ruined homes, crams the evening news..… Read More

Songs born out of ‘Ondoy’, ‘Pepeng’

MANILA – A wave of original songs and compositions in honor of victims of storms ‘Ondoy’ and ‘Pepeng’ have cropped up on video sharing website YouTube in recent weeks. All… Read More

Who is to blame?

President Arroyo recently signed the Climate Change Act of 2009 which would institutionalize a climate change policy with emphasis on mitigating the impact of such natural disasters like the two… Read More

Making money out of flooded Pasig

By Jaileen F. Jimeno PASIG CITY – What floats and can carry a load a hundred times its weight? If you live in Pasig City, that would be anything that… Read More

Epidemic Hits Victims

Flood-born disease kills over 150. MANILA – The Philippines, still recovering from the back-to-back typhoons that killed almost 900 people, is again appealing for international assistance to stem the outbreak… Read More

GMA rating falls even before ‘Ondoy’

MANILA – Even before typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng hit the Philippines, President Arroyo’s dropped further to a negative 38. Twenty three percent satisfaction against 62 percent saying they were dissatisfied… Read More

UN seeks $74-M for flood victims

UNITED NATIons – The United Nations has issued an immediate appeal for the international community to pledge emergency assistance to the Philippines following massive devastation from storm “Ondoy.” The UN… Read More

US envoy hails Filipino ‘spirit’

For her part, US Ambassador Kristie Kenney applauded the Filipino spirit and its shining display amid the horrors of Ondoy. “If there’s a bright light in this tragedy, that’ it,”… Read More

1000 cell phones bloom

By Juan Mercado As Typhoon “Ondoy” hit, the scrawny fund-short disaster management systems of a VAT-rich government crumbled. Laborer Muellmar Magallanes drowned after rescuing his 31st victim: a six month… Read More

Time for heroism

By Greg Macabenta DALY CITY The best in the Filipino manifests itself when a calamity strikes. In the wake of typhoon Ondoy, Filipinos all over the world have spontaneously and… Read More

Obama sends late condolence to RP

WASHINGTON D.C. – A week after typhoon Ondoy killed 300 and rendered homeless almost half a million Filipinos, US President Barck Obama finally issued a statement Oct. 6 to “express… Read More

Ondy drive in Washington DC

WASHINGTON D.C. – Responding to the call of Ambassador Willy C. Gaa for Filipino Americans to extend relief assistance to the victims of Typhoon “Ondoy,” several groups in the Washington… Read More

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