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(with Scallion Mignonette)   We just came back from the Philippines after joining the most incredible and the best tour we have ever experienced, which is sponsored by the Philippine… Read More

‘Impossible Dream’ Revisited

John Melegrito

By Jon Melegrito Detroit, MI Why, of all places, do you have to hold the NaFFAA Empowerment Conference in Detroit? More than a couple of people have inquired. Why not… Read More

Pinoy’s English ‘not good enough’?

  HAGATNA, Guam. A word war has erupted between Philippines and Guam officials over the question of whether Filipinos speak English that’s “good enough”.      Assistant Attorney General Benjamin Abrams… Read More

Challenges of Being Asian

Manila Times

America celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month to train the limelight, albeit briefly, to the many contributions of Asians and Pacific Islanders to weaving the colorful and vibrant fabric of… Read More

‘Idol’ judge sees Jessica Sanchez in finals

Jessica Sanchez

HOLLYWOOD. Filipino-Mexican teen Jessica Sanchez survived another week in the top-rating American Idol as judge Jennifer Lopez suggested she may just emerge as one of the singing competition’s finalists. Jessica… Read More

Solon urges Pinoy nurses to shun US

MANILA. A Filipino lawmaker warned nurses to stop aiming to work in the United States because of a reported glut in nurses but industry experts say this is just temporary… Read More

Lapid Fears Debate With Miriam On RH

Sen. Lito Lapid

MANILA – Because of his limited fluency in English, former action actor Sen. Lito Lapid is afraid to tangle with Sen. Miriam Defensor who is sponsoring the controversial RH bill… Read More

Catholic Schools Hire Laid Off Filipino Teachers

Filipina school teachers who've lost their jobs in Baltimore City have found jobs outside of Maryland and in Catholic schools.

By Rodney J. Jaleco WASHINGTON D.C. – Filipino teachers who’ve lost their jobs in Maryland have gotten help from an old but influential friend  the Catholic Church. About a dozen… Read More

Pinoy Ex-’Washington Post’ Reporter Is An Illegal Alien


WASHINGTON- A former reporter for The Washington Post who shared a Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of the Virginia Tech massacre has revealed that he is an illegal alien! The… Read More

More Pinoys settle in DC area


WASHINGTON D.C. – Filipinos showed one of the largest proportional increases of any minority group in the Metro DC region, according to findings from the 2010 Census. Results of the… Read More

Unity Key for Filipino Tutors in PG


By Rodney J. Jaleco Philippine Ambassador Jose Cuisia Jr. said there is a lesson to be learned from the way Filipino teachers were able to stave off lay-offs at Prince… Read More

Gone to Look for America

By Jon Melegrito Flint, Michigan Driving up North on I-75 towards Flint, I see signs on the highway pointing to Lansing, Port Huron and Saginaw. “Saginaw? I’ve heard of that… Read More

The Plight of Filipino Teachers

By Jon Melegrito The news about public service workers  notably teachers, nurses, cops and firefighters  have not been very complimentary lately. From Wisconsin to Washington State, hundreds of thousands are… Read More

Philippines to deployed planes to disputed area

MANILA, Philippines – A Filipino general says he deployed two warplanes to undertake surveillance near a disputed region in the South China… Read More

Stealing people’s money

By Leandro DD Coronel MANILA The recent exposes of corruption in the Philippine military have given the Filipino people a solid idea of how much of their money was being stolen… Read More

DFA orders UN mission to probe funds

MANILA, Philippines?The Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has ordered Philippine representatives to the United Nations to investigate reports that millions of pesos in UN reimbursements for Filipino peacekeeping missions were diverted to a slush fund for retiring military chiefs of staff. Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo said he instructed the Philippine mission in New York to check with UN offices concerned if there were such funds issued in 2000 representing reimbursements for peacekeeping… Read More

Military graft allegations unsettle Philippines

MANILA, Philippines – New allegations that former Philippine military chiefs benefited from massive corruption led to calls Wednesday for the government to get serious about reforming the armed forces. Read More

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