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Gov’t to pursue Boracay reclamation project

BORACAY, Aklan, Philippines ? The Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA) has authorized the Aklan provincial government to proceed with a controversial reclamation project at the gateway to Boracay despite the continued opposition of municipal officials and business and civic groups on the island-resort. In a letter to Aklan Gov.

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Speaker Gloria

FRONTLINE 11/02/2009 | More If Gloria Arroyo is indeed seeking a seat in the House of Representatives and end up as its Speaker, the one sure thing is that she may believe that this move is a guarantee to her continued protection against lawsuits after she leaves Malacañang. Yet she, as well as all the others, knows that once she steps out of Malacañang, and even as a member of Congress with the exalted position of Speaker, she is not immune from suit. Her position in Congress, therefore, is no guarantee against her being charged in court

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Alien terrorists still coming in: Lomibao

ANTI-terror czar Arturo Lomibao yesterday warned about the continued entry of foreign terrorists associated with Omar Patek, a leader of the Southeast Asian regional terrorist network Jemaah Islamiyah, who is believed to be hiding out in Mindanao. The JI has funded a number of bombings by the Abu Sayyaf and the radical Rajah Solaiman Movement in the country. In a lecture sponsored by the Philippine Institute for Political Violence and Terrorism Research in Camp Aguinaldo, Lomibao said border patrol should be intensified to prevent the entry of these undesirables