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Hanging wash on cyberspace

Juan Mercado

  By Juan Mercado    MANILA A less-than transparent Judicial and Bar Council emerged  from  the 1987 Constitution. Impeachment of the 23rd Supreme Court chief justice, however, pried open once… Read More

SC reminds state execs: double compensation is illegal

MANILA, Philippines?Receiving additional, double or indirect compensation without any law authorizing it is a violation of the Constitution, the Supreme Court said. The high court’s reminder came on the heels of investigation on the alleged excessive bonuses and other perks received by several officials of government owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs) ‘The… Read More

Peso rises to P44-to-dollar level

MANILA, Philippines — The peso appreciated back to the 44-to-a-dollar level on Thursday to lead other Asian currencies in their rising trend. Read More

Lawyer appeals ruling on chief justice appointment

MANILA, Philippines?The first and fundamental duty of courts is to apply the law, a lawyer told the Supreme Court as he seeks a reversal of its ruling that President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo can appoint the next chief justice. In his 42-page motion for reconsideration, lawyer Christian Lim told the high court that there is no need to interpret Section 15, Article VII of the Constitution because the law is clear. Section 15, Article VII of the Constitution provides that: ‘Two months… Read More

Goodbye forever

MANILA, Philippines?In June 2004, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, with the Bible in her hand, took her oath of office as President of the Philippines for a term of six years. After a period of indecision, she neatly won easy acquittal from her cohorts in the House of Representatives that allowed her to serve her office for the term prescribed by the Constitution. Now she faces a milder process for the end of her term as the highest officer in the land Read More

Stand on Charter change, Arroyo as Speaker

MANILA, Philippines?Every president after the Aquino administration supported moves to amend the 1987 Constitution. Fidel Ramos tried it through Pirma, a signature campaign that sought to lift term limits; Joseph Estrada through Concord (Constitutional Correction for Development) that pushed for allowing foreigners to own land; and President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo via a signature campaign and later through a constituent assembly that called for a shift to a parliamentary form of government. Will the next President also push for Charter change (Cha-cha)? Read More

Four-wind justices

Juez de cuatro vientos. That’s how my grandmother ticked off judges who would rule in accordance with the prevailing political amihan or habagat. The old lady has passed on Read More

Corona accepts without conditions, leaves it all to JBC Rescuers ill-equipped for job –>

BY EVANGELINE DE VERA ASSOCIATE Justice Renato Corona yesterday accepted his nomination for the position of chief justice, a day before the Judicial and Bar Council deadline. In a letter to the JBC, Corona said he is interested in being considered for nomination for the post to be vacated by Chief Justice Reynato Puno who retires on May 17. Read More

Public right to info so near, yet so far

MANILA, Philippines?A bicameral conference has approved the proposed Freedom of Information Act, moving a step closer to an enabling law that gives flesh to the rights of citizens to have easy access to information held by the government. The public right to information was enshrined in the Constitution 23 years ago Read More

Scenarios unforeseen by Constitution framers

01/27/2010 The people of a nation whose Constitution is undergoing revision expect their Constitution-revisers to be capable of visualizing every conceivable challenge to the meaning and intent of their country?s basic law. After all, there are many men and women involved in the exercise and they are given ample time to perform their mandated duties. But people who draft or revise Constitutions are not omniscient and they have shown themselves to be incapable of anticipating every possible problem regarding the interpretation or applicability of a Constitution. Read More

The battle over the SC

C.R.O.S.S.R.O.A.D.S 01/27/2010 Let?s call a spade a spade. The heated debate over the appointment of the replacement of retiring Chief Justice Reynato Puno is nothing but naked political scheming. No matter how the protagonists try to paper things over with their paeans to the rule of law or ?correct reading of the constitution and related precedents,? this ongoing give-and-take is a bare knuckled battle over the direction, not just the make up, of the highest court of the land. Read More

Boundaries, what boundaries?

SHE SAYS 01/27/2010 Everyone knows that in a country like the Philippines, those who have a hold on power will most likely use their influence to twist things in their favor. The lines between duty (as in ?responsibility?) and duty (as in ?tax? or ?payment?) are usually blurred, as very often public servants fall into the quagmire of corruption and immorality, where they end up expecting people to thank them for what they signed up to do as their job in the first place! And this is why we have leaders ? from the smallest barangay to the highest post in the national level ? who make it a point to display every measly little project they have on garish posters and streamers, or painted on… Read More

The economist?s economist

ZOOMING IN 01/25/2010 Oftentimes undergraduates find that they can learn more about the subject if they simply read a well-written basic textbook authored by an authority on the subject. They tend to believe, in such a situation, that they will fare just as well reading the book as attending classes on the subject. Read More

Philippines Panel Clears Estrada Election Bid

MANILA – The Philippines election commission cleared the way Wednesday for the former president Joseph Estrada to run for the presidency a second time. The commission dismissed a pair of cases that would have disqualified Mr. Estrada, although some analysts believe the decision contravened the Constitution, which prohibits a president from seeking a second term Read More

Ampatuans have put federalism on hold

ZOOMING IN 01/18/2010 Among those at the forefront of the last few years? agitation for a revision of the Constitution have been the adherence to the idea of converting the entirety of this country into a federation of regions enjoying autonomy in all areas, except defense and external relations. Though many of them are opposed to the administration of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the federalists have sublimated their antagonism to their quest for a federal republic. In so doing, they have dismayed and alienated the multitude of Filipinos who believe that getting rid of Arroyo is the first priority and federalism and other important governmental issues can be addressed in a post-Arroyo… Read More

Recovery from a wasted decade

DIE HARD III 01/18/2010 Two days from today will be the 10th anniversary of Edsa II, Jan. 20, claimed to be a bloodless regime change. Read More

No resurrection for Cha-cha

FRONTLINE 01/07/2010 The idea of Congress calling for a constitutional convention (con-con) to draft a new constitution just won’t fly — not at this time. Read More

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