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Spring is Beautiful

Becky Pagsibingan By Becky Pagsibingan

Spring signifies renewal. It is a season of transformation, from the cold old winter to a vibrant and lively season. It is the beginning of a renewed life of plants and trees showing the greenness of the leaves and the palette of colors of the flowers.  How refreshing to see the surrounding beauty with the fresh air that permeates around. Don’t we feel renewed as well?  With this recommencement of life, yes we do.

Admittedly, our spirit is lifted with a promise of hope.  The Easter Sunday Mass was the celebration of “The Resurrection.”  I remember back home, it was called the “Pasko ng Pagkabuhay.” In many places, it was a traditionally feasted celebration treated like Christmas. Christmas was the celebration of the birth of Infant Jesus while Pasko ng Pagkabuhay was the celebration of the beginning of His life after death. Every year, my family was always invited to enjoy the celebration with real big “handaan” in Balintawak, a place inCaloocanCity. I see this celebration in thePhilippines as an event compared with the Easter Sunday here.  

Traditionally, most families have dinner reservation in restaurants or at hotels with Easter brunch after the Mass or church service. The ladies wore colorful spring attire with the gents mostly in light colored blazers. The children were not to be outdone, dressed in prim and proper attire for this special day. It was an occasion for a renewed family bonding.


The Deeper Meaning of the Season

The season of spring has a lot of meaning to offer  spiritually, psychologically, emotionally and even, physically.  As it denotes as the renewal or restart of life, it lifts our spirit with the message of not losing hope in any case.  “Life is not a bed of roses,” so to speak, but making the most of what we have is the best we could do to make our daily life livable and enjoyable. Manifested in action, unknowingly, others might see it and something might just come out of it.

Spring is also the season to reorganize things in our homes. With our renewed energy level, there is a big chance to get focused on what we have accumulated over the years. Yes, clutter control is the name of the game. It is just about time to re-organize the house and all other matters related to it. I’d like to be guided by the saying, “Less is More” But where will I start? Well, I was told: to relax your standards and start small, meaning, prioritize.


How Are You Doing?

Oh, fine! Very good! Great! Fantastic! Wonderful! These are the common answers that we hear every day at our place of work and other social places. These are automatic replies to automatic daily greetings.  Do people really feel fine all the time? How lucky they are!

As we watch from a distance, people seemed to be in perfect situation.  Good job or business, nice house, adorable children, wonderful couple and with their big smiles, they manifest the image of a successful life.

Recently, I chanced upon a magazine in my doctor’s office about “Coping with Personal Crises.” It said that in appearance, people manifest happiness and good life, but in reality, what they want to project rarely reflect the whole truth! To save face, the inner truth is hidden. The defense mechanism is to camouflage the personal crises with a happy picture. There could be dozens of challenges behind the scene  could be a lingering illness in the family, a miscarriage, a failed marriage, a school drop-out, drug addiction, work lay off, breast cancer or even death in the family.

If we were made of strong fibers in our body, it might help to find the courage to express some unpleasant and sad life experiences.  When asked how we are doing, I really don’t see anything wrong with truthful answers like: I don’t feel that well. I am going to see my doctor.  My child is sick.  Not too good, my grandmother just passed away, etc…  It might help to share some personal crises with friends.

But, of course, it could be that we just didn’t want to share our personal crises with anybody. However, it is a pleasure to find people around us who are simply kind and understanding, always with kind words to offer.  We did not have to pretend with them. Get this pleasure out of life!

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