Prayer for SF community leader

SAN FRANCISCO – Rodel Rodis, a Filipino lawyer-columnist is asking Filipino Americans to pray for Lina Susbilla, an active community leader, including NaFFAA, for the past 50 years who has licked her breast cancer but later suffered two attacks of brain aneurysm for which she had to undergo brain surgery. Lina has been heavily sedated in the ICU of the hospital as her doctors monitor her condition. She was still unconscious or asleep when I visited her at the hospital on May 12, Rodis said. Rodis said: Lina will not go gently into the night as her will is indomitable. Let us all pray for Lina. Rodis said Lina was a member of the Fil-Am Council of San Francisco in the 70s when the Council set up employment training programs for newly-arrived immigrants.

She was the force behind the Pearl of the Orient and the Soroptomist clubs when they were actively involved in Filipino community events. Lina is also a member of the San Mateo County Commission on the Status of Women and has been an active member of the Filipino Task Force in CORA (Community Opposed to Relationship Abuse). As a member of the Filipino Women’s Network (FWN), Lina performed in the FWN 2007 production of “The Vagina Monologues” when it was performed at the Herbst Theatre. In her private life, Lina has been happily married to Len Susbilla for more than 45 years.

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