Pinocchio Reid

J. G. Azarcon, Esq.By J. G. Azarcon, Esq.

At a time when unemployment edged up to 8.3% and gross domestic product for the second quarter of 2012 limped to an anemic 1.25%, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D, Nevada) takes to the Senate Floor and accuses presumptive Republican presidential nominee of allegedly failing to pay income taxes for the last ten years. Reid claims that his information came from a reliable source that used to be connected with Bain Capital, the company that was formerly managed by Mitt Romney as CEO.

Reid’s canard filled the airwaves and effectively diluted the negative news on the economy that the Democrats wanted to keep from the public as the election draws closer. Gov. Mitt Romney vehemently denied the accusation insisting that he has filed his tax returns and paid a lot of money to the government and challenges Reid to identify his sources.

How can anybody from Bain Capital know if Romney did or did not pay his income taxes in the last ten years if he or she did not spy on the governor like a shadow every minute in that period of time? Was Harry Reid hallucinating about this imaginary man who purportedly whispered in his ear or was he lying outright? Harry Reid wants us to believe anonymous sources who cannot be subjected to a credibility test. Suppose Sen. John McCain takes to the Senate floor and spills information from an unidentified source telling on Harry Reid’s alleged sexual encounter with a goat. Should we swallow it hook line and sinker? Will Harry Reid give that a stamp of fairness?

Mitt Romney’s father left him millions of dollars in inheritance. Instead of pocketing unearned wealth, he donated everything to his church. When he rescued the Salt Lake City winter Olympics in the 80’s, he declined any salary. Is this a man who would scrimp on taxes to live well?


Several states have initiated voter registration laws that will require the presentation of officially issued photo ID in the registration and voting process. The state of Florida is in the process of sanitizing its voter rolls to weed out names of people who are dead, disqualified by conviction or moved out of state. The objective is supposedly to prevent voter fraud.

The Obama Justice Department intervenes and sues the state of Florida. The administration views voter ID laws as schemes to suppress the vote, particularly the minority community. Ironically, the Justice Department is suing the state of Kansas for extending the advance voting period for military personnel. Isn’t this voter suppression directed against a voting sector that historically favored the GOP?

The right to vote should be sacrosanct. As such, it should not be treated as a trivial exercise. It should be safeguarded so that the one-man-one-vote principle will not be diluted by the votes of those who are not entitled to cast ballots.

Those opposing photo ID voting laws argue that there is no evidence of voter fraud to justify stringent verification of identity. I don’t buy this excuse. In the last presidential election, I volunteered as a precinct observer. Here comes a lady who just presented a voter registration card and no other identification at all. How can I tell if she just picked up the voting card of somebody who used to live in her house but have since moved away or died?

Election irregularity actually starts in the registration process. An acquaintance of mine was walking in a public place when he was solicited to register to vote. He told the solicitor that he was not an American citizen. To his surprise, he was told- it’s OK, they will sort it out when you vote.

An immigrant green card holder gets a knock on her door. “I’m here to register people to vote.” The immigrant says that she was not an American citizen. The visitor at her door was persistent. “Go ahead and register so you can vote in the local election.” And so she did register and vote in the local election. The nightmare came a few years later. She was honest enough to disclose to the Immigration Service in the naturalization application that she has voted in a US election. Her citizenship application was denied.


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