Ghost of Workplace Discrimination

  By: Jose Todith Garcia, Esq. A Filipino nurse is forbidden from speaking Tagalog in the hospital where she works. A computer programmer from India is given a salary that is… Read More

FilAm MDs slam PRC rules

  By Rodney J. Jaleco New rules governing foreign medical missions in the Philippines are dampening the enthusiasm of some Filipino-Americans at a time when Philippine officials are precisely calling… Read More


Oscar O. Bunoan

          By Oscar O. Bunoan Son:  Dad, isn't it that the Father is always the King of the House? That's what our teacher told us. Dad:… Read More

A Ridiculous Claim

        What is the basis for China’s claim over all islands and shoals in the South China Sea, a name given by Western countries that once colonized… Read More

Monday Cabaret

Dino  Dela Rosa

  By Dino  Dela Rosa  Musical acts and spoken word seem to be distant cousins but not to Regie Cabico and    Don Michael 'Don Mike' Hodreal Mendoza, established Filipino-American thespians,… Read More

PH choirs win medals in Ohio

  CINCINNATI, Ohio -Several youth choirs from the Philippines won gold and silver medals during the World Choir Games held in Cincinnati, Ohio early last month. Philippine Ambassador Jose L.… Read More

Census Says 79 Million Children will Return to School

  WASHINGTON D.C. – It's August and as the summertime is winding down and vacation time is coming to an end, some 79 million children and adults are getting ready… Read More

Aquino promises a lot


By Leandro DD coronel MANILA President Benigno Aquino III spoke in Pilipino, his country's national language, and told his "bosses" that the speech he just delivered wasn't his, but the… Read More

NaFFAA Pushes FilVote Drive

  WASHINGTON D.C. – Philippine Ambassador Jose L. Cuisia Jr. exhorted Filipino-Americans to realize their true power by going out to register and vote in November as the nation’s largest… Read More

Vol. XXI, No. 19 August 15, 2012


Presidential style

By Rodney Jaleco

  By Rodney Jaleco Secretary Edwin Lacierda is part of the Malacanang “blue bloods”. All spokesmen have a special relationship with their principals and his ties to President Benigno “Noynoy”… Read More


Angelyn Tugado-Marzan

  By Angelyn Tugado-Marzan “Wala na si Pidol!” “Tepok na si Kevin Cosme!” “Dedbol na si John Puruntong!” “Yari na si Facifica Falayfay!” Last July 10, 2012, all these meant “Patay… Read More

Vol. XXI, No. 18 July 31, 2012


What is Obamacare

  When the Supreme Court affirmed the constitutionality of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act  “Obamacare”  they revived one of the most contentious, enigmatic, maligned and misunderstood laws ever… Read More

Proud to Be

By Myrna Lopez

By Myrna Lopez I am proud to be an American.  I take it as a personal affront when my America is excoriated mercilessly. The time has long passed when I… Read More

Brugada Syndrome

By Philip S. Chua, M.D., FACS, FPCS   Brugada Syndrome is a baffling condition where a person, who appears to be healthy, unexpectedly develops cardiac arrest, for no apparent reason. Most victims… Read More

Who do the people believe?

By Leandro DD coronel MANILA The President of the Philippines, Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III, has been in office for two years. He was at first reluctant to run for… Read More

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