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Our Brave Teachers

Manila Times

Courage, Ernest Hemingway defined, is grace under pressure.

Hundreds of Filipino teachers from Baltimore to Prince George’s County are living in the limbo of an uncertain future. And yet they continue to do their work with almost heroic fervor offering their time and skills for free to help American school children.

The Filipino teachers were recruited for Maryland schools it turns out, unlawfully where Prince George’s County public schools were concerned to fill vacancies that American tutors were not willing or ready to fill.

The economic recession has also driven local teachers back to the schools.

Many of the Filipino teachers are now being told they can’t work there anymore.

The empty houses, cars left on the driveway, hurried yard sales these are the vestiges of the frustration and heartbreak of broken dreams.

But there are many more who refuse to fold from the bad cards dealt them. They are fighting back with the only weapons they have their knowledge, dedication and passion for teaching. They see and they feel for their pupils, the kids’ parents and communities they live in.

They boldly face the future, cognizant perhaps of a Greek philosopher’s observation that fortune favors the brave. (RJJ)

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