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Not a US general

The caption photo “nakakahiya”, Manila Mail, Page 22, Sept. 15 issue stated that while a Filipino general was being carried by a man so his shoes won’t get wet, an American officer behind im wades on the water. If you look closely, the American behind the general is not an officer. His shoulder strip indicates that he is a technical sergeant in the Air Force…enlisted man which is just four ranks above a private. I think Ms. Nida Martinez is not familiar with the military ranks. Don’t get me wrong, I just want to give my 1 cent worth.
Washington D.C.

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3 Responses to Not a US general

  1. Whatever. The issue is about the shame this so called Brig. General brought to the Philippines’ image. The American soldier who is lower in rank as you said is braver than him. Just like whoever brought this up said, the general probably cares more of his pedicure than his country’s (whatever is left) image.

  2. RE: Not a U.S. General


    Rudy Malonzo of Washington, DC is 100 percent correct identifying an American serviceman as a Technical Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force, in your caption photo “Nakakahiya”, Manila Mail, Page 22, Sept. 15th issue, however, Mr. Malonzo mentioned that this rank is four rank above a private — this is not correct. First, we do not have privates in the Air Force; secondly, it is five rank above Airman Basic which is an equivalent to a Private in the U.S. Army. The Technical Sergeant rank is one rank below my rank.

    Master Sergeant
    U.S. Air Force, Retired
    Member, U.S. Veterans of Foreign War Post 1503
    Woodbridge, Virginia

  3. So what? look at the general. does he looks like a soldier? or an elderly and sickly victim of ondoy? shame on him, representing the filipino soldiery. if the american Technical Sergeant is the one carrying him, I think it is more acceptable than the civilian. huh! He should be more prudent an officer and a gentleman at that, instead, becoming a shame and lame soldier. General Douglas Mc Arthur should have had the same “privilege” when landing in Leyte. huh!