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New Year Customs and Traditions

Making a Difference by Hermie ClimacoBy Hermie Climaco
Make sure you have money in your pocket, preferably plenty of coins, when the New Year comes in at twelve midnight on January 1. This will ensure that you will have abundant money the whole year round in 2008.

This is a New Years tradition that I learned from my mother when I was a kid. Though Ive become less superstitious as the years passed by, I still make sure theres money in my pocket both on New Years Eve and on the first day of the Year.

Another tradition that I learned from my mother was having the children jump from several steps above the stairs, or on any tabletop, down to the floor. This will make the children grow up fast and tall, according to her.

My mother never allowed her children to spend money, or buy something from the store, on New Years Day. She said we wont be able to save, and would always be without money, the rest of the year if we spend even a single centavo on the first day of the New Year.

When I grew older I learned more Filipino New Years practices that I tried to observe in addition to the above. One is wearing on New Years Eve something that has polka dots on it. Meeting the New Year with those round shapes on your clothing will accordingly attract money to you throughout the year. The round shapes in polka dots represent money.

I also learned to put thirteen kinds of fruits, round ones only, on the dinner table as another way of welcoming the New Year. Again, doing this will accordingly ensure abundance within your household all throughout the year.

Another thing is to clean the house before the New Year comes out. Make sure you pick up all litters gathered from all those preparations in your house right before the clock strikes twelve midnight. When January 1 finally sets in, you should never sweep your floors anymore as this symbolizes sweeping away your fortune, your hard-earned money. When you do, you will always experience lack of money all the year through.

Also, make any kind of noise at every corner of your house when the clock strikes twelve midnight on New Years Day. This will remove any, or all, bad luck that may have harbored in your house for the past year.

And make sure you open wide all windows of your house as the New Year comes in. This will ensure letting into your household all the blessings, and good fortune, that the New Year brings.
Finally, when all the bangings, the singings, the noise-makings in welcoming the New Year have settled down, close all your windows and dont open them up until in the morning when the sun is up. Those glad tidings of the New Year need to settle down in your house. Dont let them go through any open windows of your house.

These are the customs and traditions that some of us, Filipinos, practice whether we are at home in the Philippines, or anywhere else in the world, or wherever New Year finds us.

Although I now believe that these are superstitious beliefs I am still inclined to observe some of them since I grew up with them. I make sure, though, that I put my trust more in my Christian faith than in these our well believed abundance-ushering-New Years practices.

The good news is that God is enough. If we have God we have everything. Whether we observe or not our various New Years customs and traditions abundance in life is possible for us. So long as we have the Greatest Gift in us – Jesus Christ -we will have an abundant life that He is all too willing to provide, whether we desire and ask for it beginning on the New Year or at whatever time of the year, we will have them anytime if we seek and follow Him diligently everyday in our life.

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