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New Year’s resolution

The year 2008 is about to end, Everyone is busy making his or her own New Year resolutions. The ‘Manila Mail’ is no exception.
The Manila Mail, which has been serving the Filipino American community for the past 18 years, starts the New Year with a new publisher, the Manila Mail Communications, Inc. (MMCI). The editorial staff, and MMCI, welcome 2009 with a firmer resolve to strengthen the newspaper’s service to the Filipino American community in the tri-state area. They vow to continue to serve as the medium of information that adheres to the highest tenets of journalism.
The policy of the Manila Mail under the new publisher is to strengthen the voice of the Filipino American community in Washington D.C. To achieve this, it has now put more emphasis on publishing local area news; encouraging the community to use its pages to express their concerns or problems and welcoming contribution of stories and/or photos from the community for possible publication. It will welcome the opinion of members of the community on various issues of the day through its letters-to-the-editor column or in the news section. Use the Manila Mail your newspaper – as the most potent weapon to empower the Filipino American community.
Another welcome development is that the Manila Mail is now open to all advertisers who want to sell their services or products to the 100,000-strong Filipino American community in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.
The Manila Mail renews its resolve that it will never allow itself to be utilized by any individual or groups to advance his or their own selfish interests. It is only beholden to the community that it serves.
Use the Manila Mail as your voice in Washington D.C., the capital of the most powerful nation on earth.

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