Nakakahiya ka!

Gen. Marciano IlaganShameful. This picture of Filipino general identified as Brig. Gen. Marciano Ilagan shows him being carried on someone else’s shoulder as he steps off a canoe while an American officer behind him wades on the water is circulating around the world via the internet.

A nurse in Illinois who sent this photo said this embarrassing scene was played on US TV several days ago. She did not identify the place where the photo was taken or the station it was shown.

The nurse, Nida Martinez, said: “See the symbolism on why the Philippines has problems? I think the general should be fired. How could we win the war against the Abu Sayyaf? Eh, tubig lang takot na siya. Nakakahiya! Lalong nakakahiya doon sa Kano na kasunod niya. Bagong pedicure siguro ang loko.

Send this to all your friends and hopefully this will circulate back in the Philippines para mapahiya itong general na ito.”

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  1. Shame on him. Just like President Aroyo,
    hundreds of people died but you see her smiling while on TV, you see no concern to our leaders, but are very fast to receive donations, to those who wants to send help better send it to ABS/CBN, make sure your donation is in good hands.

  2. si gen. mcarthur nga eh lumulusung sa tubig e how much more ito general na ito,dapat makita sa buong pilipinas ang picture na ito para malaman na itong general na ito ay meron hydrophobia…….kakainis buwiiiiiiiiii__s__________________t, sira na naman araw ng mga pinoy nito……..

  3. What an embrassament to the Philippine people and to those who serve their respective countries in uniform.

    It makes me feel ashamed to be a Filipino-American wearing a uniform. It makes me wonder what my peers think of me, even though I am American born .

    This general needs to be stripped from his star and made an Airman Basic or be court-martialed for “CONDUCT UNBECOMING OF AN OFFICER.”

  4. He must quit to save the image of our officers. Pero nag-survey ako ng 25 literate adults sa amin, ano ang masasabi nila sa officers na taga doon. Una, sila ay mga corrupt. Second, sila ay mga babaero. Huli lang yung peace and order. Maybe only few are crooks but they must get rid of them if they will improve their image. Duty, honor, country? But our bastard politicians are much worse than them!

  5. this is a (local fisherman) common citizen demonstrating a genuine hospitality to a fellow filipino. we should learn more about our heritage and be proud of what we are.

  6. “The piggyback thing was offered to all VIPs present during the memorial service, (including) the governor, other local officials, the general (Ilagan) and the US army master sergeant (Michael Farris),” Orticio said.

    “When the offer was made to M/Sgt. Farris, he declined because he knew that he was very heavy,” he said. “It was a genuine Filipino tradition of hospitality.”

    He pointed out that it is customary for Filipinos to offer the best amenities to their guests. “We even offer our best bed to our visitors,” he said.

    “Maybe we should put this issue (to rest), it will not help our nation,” Orticio added.

    —- Pls do some research before you all comment on something!

  7. When Gen. Douglas MacArthur returned to the Philippines, he waded in the waters of Leyte. He did not ask to be carried piggy-back. He told the Filipino people who welcomed him: “I have returned.” Gen. Marciano Ilagan should have remembered the return of Gen. MacArthur. What a shame!

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