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Martin, Pops & Pinoys


By Rodney JalecoBy Rodney Jaleco

There was no doubt Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez still make great music together even after their marriage ended over a decade-and-a-half ago.

It was worth spending the night at Atlantic City to catch their afternoon concert  with comedienne Ai-Ai delas Alas  at the Trump Taj Majal’s Etess Arena last April 29.

They were symbols of a generation that fell in love, matured and for some, experienced the crisis of a broken marriage. The Sunday evening show they hosted was the first genuine reality program in Philippine television. And after years of uneasy relationship after their break-up, they offer a glimpse of how “moving on” looks like.

They’ve apparently gone full circle, getting back to where they started  as friends who shared a common stage. And gauging by how the audience lapped up their repartee, Martin and Pops is a tandem that’ll live on, propelled by a loyal fan base in and outside the Philippines.

They are set to release a new duet CD that could also help boost the career of their son Ram. He is trying to break-out as a rock music artist.

If Martin and Pops supplied the nostalgia, Ai-Ai was a certified riot.

She even succeeded in making one Filipina’s American husband  a soft-spoken but game man named Frank  an instant celebrity. He was pulled out from the audience and subjected to Ai-Ai’s good-natured scandal.

As Frank waited for his family to troop out the auditorium, people noticed him and asked to have pictures taken with the newly minted celebrity, demonstrating perhaps that a good joke lingers on.

She called out the late-comers that distracted the early part of the concert. Tardiness could be an unfortunate Filipino trait but it’s not the only one as that concert showed.

Because many people didn’t come on time, a lot of the more higher-priced seats were empty by the time the show started. The Taj Majal ushers obviously did not know Pinoys because before they knew it, people suddenly jumped the sections and sequestered the empty seats.

When the late-comers finally got inside, they created a commotion as ushers tried to untangle the mess. The show was well into its first quarter before there was even a semblance of order in the arena.

“Wala naman kunsiderasyon itong mga late. Hindi na binigyan ng kunsiderasyon yung mga umagaw ng upuan nila (These late comers are so inconsiderate to the people who stole their seats),” said one angry patron who was forced to retreat to his original seat.

Pinoy nga naman.


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