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Manny vs. poverty

By J.G. Azarcon, Esq.

Here we go again, another  Manny Pacquiao win. The living Filipino boxing legend hardly sweated  in a twelve-round match with Shane Mosely that failed to live up to peoples expectations. We have gotten used to that slam bang take no prisoners  fight that made Pacquiao the most exciting sportsman in the ring today. Unfortunately, his opponent did not oblige and it takes two to tango.

Winning a lot may have started to bore Pacquiao. He says that his biggest fight now is not really inside the ring, but his fight to end poverty in his country. I think Manny has already figured out what his anti-poverty plan will be. Actually, he has already experimented with it every time he wins a fight. It is called the “” system. When he goes home to General Santos City and Sarangani province, you can bet that hundreds of people will be lining up with open hands ready to receive what Manny gives. This is no different from Pres. Ninoy Aquino’s cash transfers to the poor, except that Manny’s ”” system will not cost the government a centavo.

Manny chose the color yellow to signify his anti-poverty crusade. At the MGM fight, he wore yellow gloves. Some in his entourage and boosters also sported yellow apparel. It looks like Manny is ready to collaborate with P-Noy, the yellow president, part 2.

I really can see Manny and P-Noy working together and being effective in fighting poverty. P-Noy says that -’” P-Noy can deputize Manny to knock out all the corrupt, then there will be no more .  If that does’nt work, Manny and P-Noy can always join hands distributing yellow-ripe bananas and the poor can live happily ever after.

* * *

The three sons of Osama Bin Ladin are demanding action from the international community for the alleged capture and execution of their father and the subsequent inhuman treatment treatment of his body that was hastily disposed in the ocean instead of being returned to his family.

Somebody from the White House should tell the sons of Osama that  Obama did Osama a favor by getting him shot dead before being thrown into the water. He did not have to drown, whereas Khalid Sheik Mohammed, Osama’s right hand man who was captured in Pakistan and turned over to the CIA, had to actually suffer from a drowning experience after undergoing “water boarding”.

The Bush administration received a lot of flak from the left for employing “water boarding” which they consider as torture.  Are we to believe that Bush was more harsh with KSM because the latter was subjected to water boarding, and Obama was more humane with Osama because the latter’s face took bullets rather than running water?

If you ask the sons of Osama, they probably would have wished that their father was water boarded instead of being violently terminated and buried underwater.

I do not see torture. I see tortured logic.

* * *

What’s going on north of the border? Liberal Canada has gone conservative. Prime Minister Harper and his Conservative Party have overwhelmingly won in the recent parliamentary elections apparently rewarding Harper’s administration for cutting the value added taxes, corporate taxes, deregulating the telecom industry and resisting calls for massive stimulus spending.

This picture looks like the opposite of America where there is more appetite for tax increases, more regulation and more stimulus spending.

Canadians must have grown tired of welfare statism. In a Wall Street Journal column, David Gratzer, a Canadian  born physician writes –  “Nowhere is the exhaustion of the welfare state more evident than in Canada’s government run health care. The system is plagued by long waiting lists for specialist consultations and diagnostic tests, and some four to five million Canadians can’t find a family physician.”

This may be the right time to learn from the north.

* * *

Philippine Ambassador to Washington, DC, Willis Gaa is bidding the Filipino community goodbye. His term is up and it’s time to go. By all measure, it was a job well done. At a time when the home base was embroiled in controversy after controversy, Amb. Gaa was able to navigate the political minefields and discharged the duties of his office with aplomb, without coming across as a blind stooge of the Arroyo administration.

What was behind his success? Well, somebody said you can only succeed as a diplomat if you have credibility in your post. Certainly, Amb. Gaa have credibility in Washington. When he speaks, Americans listen, because he sounds like a true Filipino. , Amb. Gaa. Happy golfing.

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