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By Becky PagsibinganBy Becky Pagsibingan

Well, mothers, our favorite occasion is here again, Mother’s Day! It is our day and it comes once a year.  It is worth waiting as we get all the attention from our children. Our husbands are not seeing green with jealousy because their special day will do come next month. My children always surprised me with thrilling stuff.  Oh, it was so delightful to receive gorgeous gifts like jewelry pieces, the latest fashion attires, bags, shoes, accessories and of course, moohla for shopping spree.  I enjoyed most the opening of gifts when my husband and children gathered around me. I would gladly oblige to model for them some items that I just got –  “Mama Mia, let’s see how you look with the red top and white cropped pants, Also wear the pearl drop earrings.  OK, try next the blazer and skirt. ” Even my son-in-law would budge in with  “I like the blazer with the cream pants better, Mom.” And my husband would comment – “You are on top of the world!” And I would gratefully give each of my children loving hugs and kisses. I saw the joy in their faces for making their Mom happy.

But these days, something is happening along the way. It looks like my preference for gifts is shifting to that of other interests. The gifts that I like now are things that would satisfy my well being and that would touch my senses like body, facial and foot massage, shows at the Wolf Trap Barn or at Kennedy Center dance/ballet, inspiring books, foam pair of slippers, soft sweaters, back rest for my favorite chair, back and neck electric massager, perfumed body lotion an<W0>d<D> soap, very soft night wear, room scents, music soothing to my ears and some others. I actually have received some of these stuffs from my children already. They were smart enough to sense the shift and change in me.

I heard that one of the gifts that I will receive this coming Mother’s Day will be the couple of eye glasses frames that I am getting for my newly prescribed lenses.  One of my daughters, I overheard, will accompany me to get the frames that I want. She knew that there’s the particular shape and style that I prefer. The visit to my eye doctor was a reality check. I have been using reading glasses for quite some time now and I was fine with driving.  But lately, I was seeing glaring lights from the oncoming cars. Like what I’ve suspected, my driving sights were now impaired likewise.  To compound things, I found out that my right eye was a little better when reading and my left eye was a little good when driving. I was probably taxing both eyes when I read and drive as they try to balance each other in both cases.  As consuelo de bobo for myself, I sharply told my husband that he should be thankful that his wife did not become cross-eyed!

Going back to what gifts I wish to receive now, I think little birds are now whispering to my children things that are practical and would ease my pocket. Most importantly, the material things were changed to more valuable and deeper personal needs.  Unknowingly, some values and priorities are changing as we grow older.  We get more sensitive and roles change between parents and children are happening.  With love, parents are by nature nurturing, understanding, compassionate, considerate, thoughtful and caring. Down the memory lane, I had a vivid recollection of the transformation of my parents as they grew older. I saw the changing of their priorities. Luckily, we siblings saw and felt the change quickly. Material things were not their prime interest anymore. They were more sensitive on the manner we spoke with and treat them. We were always respectful to them, but this time we had to be extra careful with our choice of words and avoided to sound antagonistic and challenging. Understanding the change in their physical, mental and psychological avenues that went with advanced age, with love, we exercised compassion and consideration all the time. Both of them deceased now, to this day my siblings and I were happy with the thought that we gave them the treatment that they deserved most before they passed away. This is very precious. I am not my parents’ age yet, but my fervent wish is to repeat this piece of my family experience with my own children when my time comes.

Well, going back to Mother’s Day celebration, like sirang plaka (broken music record<W0>),<D> we loved to recall and retell the antics of my children when they were small. They enjoyed hearing again the pleasurable activities that we did as a family as well as the rules that they had to follow growing up. As a mother, it is rewarding to hear that they realized the value of the parental strictness that was imposed on them. I have observed that they cannot tolerate children who displayed tantrums when they didn’t get what they wanted especially in public places.  They were wondering why the parents allowed it.

I don’t have apo,yet, but it is hilarious that my two daughters who have pet dogs are disciplining them like they were kids. For sure they were obedient as some dogs were trained to be. For safety reason, Buddy from Florida and Coco from Virginia cannot run out to the yard or street from the door of their homes without being told “Go.”  For physical fitness, Buddy would ride the tread mill machine for 45 minutes without interruption every Tuesdays and Thursdays for indoor exercise. MWF, my daughter would walk him out to the dog park to socialize with other pets of his kind. Coco on the other hand would get a daily body massage while he looks out of their window to see what’s going on outside while standing on his favorite chair for 10 minutes. Oh, there are other funny things that they do.

I am so lucky to have pleasant children whose feet are well grounded. They are adults now, living independently in their own homes and that leave me and my husband empty nesters. However, they constantly check on our health conditions.  On Mother’s Day, I usually spend a quiet time to thank all the blessings that I received and am receiving from my children.  To cite one of my daughters’ favorite quotation – “I am what I am today because of you mother, Mama Mia!”


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