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Lifes Calling

ClimacoBy Hermie Climaco
Having nine kids I used to believe that my calling in life was just to be a plain wife and mother. For a long time my mindset was that my rightful place was at home taking care of my children. Although Ive been working all my life my outlook remained the same. For why would God give me nine children if my calling were different from being a mere wife and mother?

Yet, I seemed to be at the wrong place at the right time. I seemed to be constantly struggling against myself. From between leading a career life to being a stay-at-home wife and mom. Too, I felt like I was wrestling with God, who seemed intent at putting me on the path that was contrary to my hearts desire, and to what I believed was my right calling in life.
One day, my husband, Rey, and I got invited to a Christian life program that was to be conducted in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines. It was a 13-week program spent knowing God, Jesus, the Spirit, our neighbors and ourselves. It was always a struggle coming to the program every week. Yet, Rey and I persisted. We finished the program. And then, slowly, I began to come to terms with myself. I gradually transformed into another person. My housewife-mother mentality faded and my mindset changed.
It was 13 years ago now since Rey and I were fully initiated into the Couples For Christ community. During those years of serving God through this community I discovered that man couldnt escape Gods plan for himself. Having realized that, I came to believe that I couldnt escape Gods plan and will for my life as well. Continuously dreaming for the day that I would finally stop working and just be a plain wife and mother, which was a far cry from my situation during that time being a presidential staff officer III employee in Malacanang, would be a waste of time. Time that I would have spent for worthy causes, causes that would have enabled me to make a difference in this world, perhaps a difference in someone elses life, and a difference in Gods continuing work here on earth.
I eventually acceded to God. As he continuously raises me up, one step higher to another, I finally accepted the fact that He is calling me to a higher endeavor, higher than just being a wife and mother. I realized that aside from being merely wife and mother, God is calling me to do something else and that is to take part in proclaiming His name and in spreading the Good News of salvation in Jesus Name.
Pondering how I could exercise this Call, I thought about my other passion: writing. Ive decided to use writing as my tool in accomplishing my higher calling in life. Ive decided to become a Christian writer.
Obviously, God is calling each one of us to do something in this life. If we are not ready the first time He calls, be forewarned, for He will call again. He will keep calling us until we say yes and until we have aligned ourselves to that kind of life that He wants us to lead here on earth.
I believe God wants us to make a difference in this world for Him. Heeding our calling in life will give us the power to make that difference. We have to listen and find out what is it that He is calling us to do.
Let us say Yes! to God. And start making a difference. Now!

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