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Jumbo airbus lands at NAIA

Airbus A380Airbus extra-large A380 jetliner flew into the Philippines on a test flight Oct. 11 to show it can be flown to existing runways in Asia, company officials said. The A380 flew from Melbourne to the Manila international airport, landing smoothly with room to spare and taxiing to a parking area without a hitch despite its larger size.

The landing had no troubles at all, absolutely no problem, said test pilot Peter Chandler at a press conference afterward. Airbus senior marketing manager Julian Manhes said this was part of test flights by the A380 to show it could land and could fit in todays airport infrastructure, with no need for any adjustments to accommodate the aircraft. The Airbus A380 is the largest commercial jetliner and can accommodate as much as 850 passengers depending on the lay-out selected by the customer.

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