Interview: Jun Daguiso

Jun Daguiso is a man of many talents- he holds a 4th Degree black belt in Tae Kwan Do, he is licensed Massage Thearpist, a research technician for the law firm, Hogan and Hartson where he has been employed for 30 years, and now he is local film director. He developed a passion for filmmaking after he was cast in a locally produced film in Maryland. Since then he has formed mjdmovie productions. he directs, produces, writes and sometimes stars in all his films. For more on Jun, you can visit his website, ttp:// I conducted this interview at the residence of Tito Oscar and Tita Evelyn Bunoan.

Q: Tell us about your upcoming projects/movies?
A: I am currently finishing 2 movies back to back. One is called “Drug Related,” and the other is “Collide.” I also am writing 4 other screenplays-more information about these projects can be found on my
Q: What are they about?
A: “Drug Related” is another feature film with lots of action and drama- it depicts the lives of six people living around New York City and neighboring states. Their lives and fate are tied together due to substance abuse. The connection between six main characters grows throughout the movie. This movie premieres Friday, August 14 at the Majestic Theater in Falls Church, Virginia.

The movie “Collide” centers 3 drug kingpins from El Salvador, China and the Philippines. Each character has history if snowballing danger and hardships that causes them to escape to an unnamed US city to get rid of a large amount of supply of heroin. The title of this movie signifies how the three main characters, along with integral players, “Collide” into unexpected series of events. We filmed this is Taiwan, El Salvador, and in the Washington Metropolitan area.

The other movie-“Full Circle” is centered on the heartbreak and vendetta of Marco Santini, a US Drug Enforcement Agent whose died from a drug overdose. This movie is an action packed full feature with plenty of guns, martial arts, complex characters and twisted plot that will keep the audience surprised and on the edge of their seats!

Q: Who are some of the key people who participated in these projects?
A: Half of my actors are the samw I used in FULL CIRCLE. I have Al Ghanekar, who won Best Male Actor-Viewers Choice Award in 2007; and Laura Hartman, who won Best Actress, Viewers Choice Award, 2007. I have a total of 100 actors in both movies. My crew are all professionals with experience working with other major networks.

Q: How did you bring everybody together on your projects?
A: At the start, I had a difficult time matching the characters in some scenes, but after doing full circle, I gained good instincts on knowing who can play certain parts. I used some of the actors who played in played in principal roles in my first project and auditioned the rest of the actors. They all have unique personalities-but, I’ve learned to manage and direct them for the benefit of their careers and the projects we work on. I also learned to have a lot of patience and control my emotions in order to finish each project. Without self-control I may not have finished the projects.

Q: What is the most challenging thing you faced producing this project?
A: I am faced with challenges when too many of my hired actors will not show up on the set for filming on the scheduled days or time. Too many actors are not present during the shooting of a scene. So, I learned to be even more creative-finding ways to make it look like they are in the scene. Other challenges are the result of hiring veteran actors, especially stage actors, that have other projects they’re working on-causing me to cancel or reschedule shootings. It sometimes gets very costly!
Q: Tell us about this year Grammy Award nomination for one of the original songs on “Full Circle” soundtrack?
A: The song, “Boss Of The Industry” received 4 nominations in the 2009 Grammy Award for Song Of The Year, Best Soundtrack compilation for a movie, Best Hip-Hop solo performance, and Best Album Of The Year. Th song was written and produced by Cisco “Steel” Anders. I also have Charles Robinson who wrote 17 original music instrumentals and he’s a 2003 Grammy Award winner. I’m hopeful that we will receive more nominations because of the amazing talent we have.

Q: Tell us about your new TV talk show”Hollywood in Washington D.C.”?
A: I’m currently involved in this new television program TV 43-coming to our area real soon. So far, I finished 12 episodes and soon to air in either Channel 58 or TV 43. I’m also writing stories for a soap opera that will feature Filipino actors. Hopefully I’ll find local Pinoy/Pinay actors to play certain parts. I will be auditioning before the end of this year.

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