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Making a Difference By Hermie ClimacoBy Hermie Climaco
Ive been receiving emails inviting me to join Friendster. That puzzled me somewhat. Friendster are only for teenagers. Naturally, I disregarded those invitations. But I got another one last December. That finally took my attention and I asked my daughter, a Friendster-expert, what Friendster really is.

The question ended up with my daughter, Angel, signing me up and constructing my Friendster page. She picked my lay-out and design, had me choose some color-backgrounds, put my photo online, and did several other things that confused me more.

What is Friendster for? I asked over her head as I watched her working on my Friendster page. I thought thats only for teenagers. I muttered.

Youll make many friends here, mom. She said. How? I asked. You will invite people to be your friends. How on earth will I do that?” I said. Ill do it for you. She answered. Just leave it to me!”
And so I got into this very popular social-networking website that carries over three million memberships worldwide in its first year of existence. Just like Xanga, My Space and Facebook, Friendster lets you make friends, reconnect with old friends, share information with one another, and many more.

I just got fascinated with Friendster. I love the photo gallery that enables me to store old pictures that have sentimental value to me, and the blog which is an online journal that lets me write about anything thus giving me the opportunity to practice and hone my writing.

However, a big surprise awaited me in the morning after signing up.
I got an email from Fr. David Lupo, parish priest of St. Joseph Church in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, asking what is this? And then from Marla Burton, Executive Director of Training Futures in Tysons Corner, Virginia, asking me to contact her. And still another from Lupe Romulo, daughter of Foreign Affairs Secretary Alberto Romulo, whos now back in the Philippines, thanking me for the invitation but in return she invited me to join her in Facebook.

Obviously, the above received an email inviting them to join my network of friends at Friendster. I explained to them about my daughters signing me up to Friendster and the subsequent sending of invitations to those who are in my address book. With all apologies I asked them to disregard the invitation.

From then on I can only check my emails with eyes half-closed.
Friendster is truly fun. I found friends and discovered people whom I knew before. I even got connected to my husbands two nieces whom we havent had any contacts since they were small kids. But what amused me most was my discovery of two seminarians who are studying for priesthood in the Philippines. They, too, are into Friendster, ha ha ha!

My laughter was most uncontainable, though, when I checked one of those who are in my friends list. Apparently, I know him very well my household leader in the CFC community. In a weeks time, I discovered that most of my friends are gathered under the roof of Friendster.
I began working on what Angel started adding more photos, choosing a background music, and constructing my blog.

One Sunday morning at Mass, a lady parishioner whispered something to me during sign of peace. I read your blog. Really! I blurted out, appearing happy and excited about her news. But the truth was I didnt know whether I would be glad or embarrassed.

On another day, I received another email from Fr. David. Nice picture, he said, to which I immediately replied, thanks, without bothering to know what made him said so.

I was deep into my Friendster when I again heard that comment echoing in my head. Nice picture.” Immediately I re-opened the email of my priest friend. It was his reply to an invitation to join my Friendster. In the invitation was my whole body picture taken ten years ago. So huge, it was like a billboard, that wooden giant-size like advertising picture that you can see on the road.

Frantically, I dialed my home phone. Wazzup, Ma? My daughter answered. Angelica . . . what did you do? Friendster invitations from me keep reaching peoples mailboxes. And they come with my huge picture looking like a billboard!” How did you know that? She asked. Fr. David alerted me about it!
Well then, would I recommend Friendster to anyone? Yes, why not! Its fun. Really fun. Try it!

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