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Balikbayan Box Pioneer Forex Cargo introduces the BAGahe

The Filipinos  use of the bayong as a traditional means of transporting goods by hand from one place to another in the Philippines has triggered the imagination of entrepreneurs in the Forex Family of Companies in the US.
They have come up with the BAGahe, a sturdy, practical, colorful, safe, secure and reasonably-priced and very easy to fill up bag to supplement the popular balikbayan box that is being used by Filipinos overseas to send goodies to their families and relatives in the Philippines.

The introduction of the uniquely-designed “bayong na stateside” will be used to reach and touch folks in the Philippines. The new product .was launched at the Forex company offices in Alexandria, Virginia and simultaneously in major cities in the United States on June 3.

The Forex BAGahe is designed as an alternative to the corrugated carton balikbayan boxes. Jimmy Carino, chairman emeritus of the Forex family, and Chit de Jesus, chief financial officer, said “the very nature of the bag makes it an item of novelty, enough to make people want to try it.” “While we do have a very sound, innovative product on our hands that will definitely stir the market, its novelty (Burberry-like, e.g. Old English/Scottish plaid), character and lingo give all of us a sense of nostalgia that is fun, almost humorous, very, very Pinoy!” they said during a press conference. The reinvented way of sending love is more than half the normal size of a large balikbayan box and can carry as much as 150 pounds. Its polypropylene-polyethylene material contains a plastic cable seal and is very light and foldable. Because it is very sturdy, it can be used and reused by recipient in the Philippines as an alternative to the regular luggage when they travel around the islands.

It will be given out free although each recipient will accomplish a form to indicate his or her name, telephone number so that Forex can use it to followup. The two-tier price of a loaded BAGahe is $45 to Metro Manila and $55 to the provinces, regardless of distances.

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