Farce or Tragedy?

nmataWhat has been unfolding before the eyes of all Filipinos? With the exception of Gloria Arroyo and her fanatical political minions inside Malacañang and in what’s derisively called by a political satirist as the “House of Reprehensibles”? all these long years of her misrule, is a farce on the surface but a tragedy underneath.

It’s like watching a cageful of impish chimpanzees, apportioning themselves a bunch of bananas devouring them, just like their human counterparts who are mindless of the fact that the economy is drifting to the edge, millions are jobless and hungry, children are without teachers, school rooms and books, not to mention the pandemic A(H1N1) flu virus, and other grave national problems. And they’re not bothered one bit and simply continue to do what they have been doing for almost a decade now, merrily singing “Happy Days Are Here Again”!

How long will very concerned Filipinos going to just stand and tolerate and do nothing to kick the bums out?

Already, as we have seen, they have been for almost nine years now dipping their dirty hands into the national treasury, traipsing all over the world with their “Glorified Leader” and spending millions of precious dollars (she and her devoted Cabinet members and fawning political minions with their wives and children and staffs in tow have just left for Japan and thence to Brazil!), and rigging elections and stealing the presidency twice for her.

And now they are insidiously planning to perpetuate her, and themselves, in power beyond 2010. They’re doing this through their scheme called the Constituent Assembly.

Derisively branded as the “Con-Ass,” it was railroaded by Gloria’s political “assholes,” sans Senate participation, contrary to the very same Charter that they intend to “reform” and to pave the way for her and themselves to remain in power well beyond next year.

This “Con-Ass” has been greeted by widespread skepticism not only in Opposition circles, but also in the world of business, in mass media, in academe, in the religious sectors, and in all levels of society.

Indeed, it has become such an explosive issue that thousands of angry Filipinos, encouraged by Catholic bishops and ministers and pastors, have demonstrated in the streets of Metro Manila and other key cities and towns nationwide last week. And similar intense demonstrations sprouted in the capitals and some states in America, Canada, South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Such anti-“Con-Ass” mass actions are expected to continue well to the day when Gloria Arroyo delivers her last State of the Nation Address or SONA before a joint session of Congress early next month.

What’s their “hidden agenda”? Once Gloria’s “Con-Assers” succeed in convening the Constituent Assembly, without Senate participation, they’ll pave the way to allow her to hold on to power beyond her term in 2010.

They’ll shift the present presidential to a parliamentary system of government. Then eventually they’ll install her as Prime Minister. Of course, they’ll cover-up their insidious scheme by pretending that the “Con-Ass” will be confined only to introducing economic reforms in the Constitution.

Presumably, they plan to amend the Constitutional provisions, in particular the Article XII on National Economy and Patrimony that limits foreign ownership in certain reserved economic activities to 40 percent, to attract more foreign investments and technology transfers as a way to save the economy from going over the abyss.

This notion has been dismissed by economists as unrealistic, undesirable and unnecessary. Actually, these experts pointed out, investments in this country had been opened to foreign participation way, way back to the Cory presidency. That was when there was a surge in foreign investments except in those limited to Filipinos by the Constitution, such as public utilities and exploitation of natural resources.

That’s why the perceptive economic experts and political observers see that the “Con-Assers” were using the economic provisions as a camouflage to hide their real agenda ? to shift to a parliamentary system and thereby perpetuate Gloria Arroyo and her cohorts in power!

And the schemers have not even bothered to inform the people as to what kind of parliamentary system of government they plan to adopt. Is it the English, the French, the German, the Russian, the Indian, the Japanese, the Italian types?

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