Commitment and Dedication

kutitapIn our community, the busy bees leaders are not wasting much time with their projects lined up. First day in January, they were already up and about with their plans ready to be formalized, laid out to be organized. Some events and activities are almost just waiting to be implemented and held. Brainstorming were done somewhere in December in the midst of their crazy holiday social activities with family, work and community. The name of the game here is motivation, a given factor. The common denominator is the sense of volunteerism and service to the community.
For so many years now leaders who have weathered the challenges are still seen in action. Others are already inactive or have retired both from work and community activities or simply burned out. But those who stayed are still amazingly energetic and enthusiastic with full commitment and dedication to perform and to be of service to the community. Hand in hand, the youth are very much encouraged to be more active and be mentored by their senior counterparts for the reason that there should be a continuity in community leadership. They should be inspired to be motivated with arduous desire to serve. The challenge here is that they are in the stage of building up their careers and minding their young family. Time outside the family is the common problem, but with flexibility and creativeness, we can still get them to participate. Thanks to this advanced age of technology. We can have teleconference calls for meetings.
For those who are presently very much involved, we have to be cautioned of being burned out. Helpful would be a reminder to avoid stretching ourselves too thin. This is easy to say. When one gets carried away and become too motivated, saying no is out of the way. When motivation is too strong, commitment and dedication are linked.
People who possess these qualities are the movers in the community. These are the leaders. Events and activities happen because of them, but, of course, things will not materialize without the participation of the rest of the community.

Commitment and dedication are topics relevant to the movers of the PAFC. A well planned workshop -retreat was attended by its newly elected/appointed Directors of the Board and Executive Officers with the aim of starting their term of office in the right and improved direction. It was practically a whole day retreat, in a setting conducive to conducting discussions without distractions. They were solely focused discussing on matters important to the purpose, goals, and objectives of PAFC. To set the atmosphere right, the new group had established a fresh sense of camaraderie within. With team building efforts, they had defined their roles, duties and responsiblities with clarity. Discussed were the strengths and challenges of the organization with focus on how to overcome the challenges presented on the table.
In this workshop, the participants had expressed their commitment to serve PAFC and dedication to perform their duties and responsibilities.
Luckily, the composition of the board and officers are aces in the community, coming from different segments and disciplines. They bring in their individual talents and expertise, blending together to run the organization smoothly and effectively. The new set of leaders had vowed to direct and manage their office with integrity and professional ethics with renewed enthusiasm to reach out to the community. We ended our workshop with a satisfactory sense of achievement and success.
Thanks to the hosts, Nina and Des Cunanan; the moderator, Patrick Ferraren and the Legal Counsel, Rod Garcia.
The Board of Directors: Ador Carreon- Chairman, Ramon Calalang, Nina Cunanan, Chelo David, Ferdie Gomez, Presy Guevara, Becky Pagsibigan, Mitzi Pickard and Bing Branigin. The Executive Officers: President- Becky Pagsibigan; Internal VP- Bobby Tamayo; External Vice President- Dale Aguirre; Secretary- Lynn Francis; Treasurer- Dave Pagsibigan; and PRO- Maurese Owens.
As the newly elected president of PAFC, I am confident that with the renewed efforts and energy we are putting in, the aim to better serve the community will be accomplished while we achieve the educational, cultural and charitable purposes of the organization. Soon we shall be announcing and disseminating our well planned events and activities for the year. Appointed Committee Chairs will be tapping others who are willing to serve and be involved in community activities. Their youthful children are welcome to join in and take advantage of our internship program. Under my leadership, I will be guided with a balance between idealism and realism, meaning sound principles, with workable application of things and matters to serve the common good. We shall exercise flexibility, transparency, professional ethics and respect for others to preserve the integrity of the organization and its officers.
In reaching out to the community, anyone can approach any of the above mentioned directors and officers to get involved in various activities. There

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