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USP4GG and EPeoplePower.ORG

Dear Editor, Who are supporting the USP4GG and in their campaign over the Spratlys? What are their motives? We know that Loida Nicolas Lewis from New York is behind… Read More

Good Review

Dear Dino, I liked your review of “Wicked” which I saw at the Kennedy Center. It had superb performances and a fantastic score! My hats off to Mr. Alfaro and… Read More

Thank You

Dear Mr. Alfaro, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for publishing the op-ed on the Save Our Industries Act in the August 31, 2011 issue of… Read More

Balikbayan Box Shipments

Dear Sirs: This letter is in response to your article entitled “”DHS Inspects B’ayan Boxes” published on January 31, 2011.  First of all we commend you on educating our fellow… Read More

Open letter

Dear All, I also read the article of Jon Melegrito in the Manila Mail (Sept. 15) and really intended to send a feedback on his column. Doming not only has… Read More

Not a US general

Sir: The caption photo “nakakahiya”, Manila Mail, Page 22, Sept. 15 issue stated that while a Filipino general was being carried by a man so his shoes won’t get wet,… Read More

Well said!

Sir: Well-said, well-written! (Jon Melegrito’s column, Aug. 15, 2009) I remember those heydays too when we were so proud of our heritage and that it was “cool/sexy” to consider oneself… Read More

You make us proud

Sir: Thank you to the Manila Mail for the story, “Pinay is D.C. Deputy Mayor!” (Aug. 15, 2009 issue) Were it not for your newspaper, not many Filipino Americans would… Read More

Thank you

Sir: My wife and I extend our utmost thanks to you and your staff for publishing the story (EEOC orders PG to probe tutor’s charges, Manila Mail, Aug. 15, 2009). Read More

Thanks to Jon

(These are copies of letters sent to Jon Melegrito, columnist of the Manila Mail, praising his “Our Town” column, issue of Aug. 15, 2008.) Sir” Thanks for the column. I… Read More

Article reprint

Sir: I am a regular and loyal reader of Manila Mail and enjoy reading all the articles, latest news, news around town, tsismoso, featured artists etc.. I am forwarding an… Read More

Wrong time

Sir: Thank you very much for publishing the FtH story of the turn over of the classrooms in Lian, Batangas. Just for clarification, the FtH/ CFO group left Manila at… Read More

Manila Cafe Clarification

Sir: We would like to provide the following clarification to the letter of Mr. Rudy Arce which appeared in your issue of March 15, 2009. His letter said he came… Read More

Give up Bush

Open letter to Daisy Tucay: Yeah right, Daisy. This call to blind nationalism is empty. It is too darn uselessly symbolic to rally around the flag when we are talking… Read More

Test of true citizenship

By Dan Jiminez Political pundits, both John McCain and Barack Obama and all those who think they know more about this presidential election than the ordinary citizen have emphasized how… Read More

A different opinion

Sir: Frankly I am not as sensitive to this issue as others are since this is just an irresponsible jab by the shows character. Related PostsBarry’s folly DFA cancels Lacson’s… Read More