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A Ridiculous Claim

        What is the basis for China’s claim over all islands and shoals in the South China Sea, a name given by Western countries that once colonized… Read More

What is Obamacare

  When the Supreme Court affirmed the constitutionality of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act  “Obamacare”  they revived one of the most contentious, enigmatic, maligned and misunderstood laws ever… Read More

The US and the MDT

Manila Times

The United States has reiterated her firm commitment to honor its obligations to the Philippines under the Mutual Defense Treaty (MDT) in the wake of the latest flare-up with China… Read More

Challenges of Being Asian

Manila Times

America celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month to train the limelight, albeit briefly, to the many contributions of Asians and Pacific Islanders to weaving the colorful and vibrant fabric of… Read More

A Duty To Protest

Manila Times

Filipinos in California are mounting a signature campaign against “Act of Valor” a movie purportedly featuring real-life US Navy SEALs. It cast Filipinos as terrorists: the movie opens with an… Read More

Our Brave Teachers

Manila Times

Courage, Ernest Hemingway defined, is grace under pressure. Hundreds of Filipino teachers from Baltimore to Prince George’s County are living in the limbo of an uncertain future. And yet they… Read More

More Fun in Berlin


The Philippine Department of Tourism is debuting its new tourism campaign at the annual International Turismus Bourse in Berlin, Germany. Tourism Secretary Ramon Jimenez led a 41-member Philippine delegation for… Read More

Brawling fishwives

cartoon manila times 2-29

There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about the public insults being hurled against each other by the two highest officers of the land – Philippine President Benigno Aquino… Read More

Common Objective

Manila Times

  The Philippines’ request for a dozen F-16 fighter jets comes up for approval on Capitol Hill. The Philippines undoubtedly needs new combat aircrafts and more naval vessels to protect… Read More

Lest We Forget

cartoon star

During his working visit to the US Sept. 19-21, President Benigno Aquino III urged Filipinos at home and abroad not to forget the dark days of martial law. It was… Read More

Anti-China Protest

Business Mirror

Filipinos in the United States and around the world have joined their countrymen in the Philippines to denounce China’s bullying activities in the South China Sea (renamed West Philippine Sea… Read More

A Nation of Immigrants


As this nation of immigrants marks the 235th anniversary of independence on July Fourth, it’s time to remember the bedrock principles of equality and liberty that have allowed America to… Read More

Happy Birthday, Philippines!


The raising of the flag on June 12, 1898 from the window of Emilio Aguinaldo’s house in Kawit, Cavite is remembered as the birth of a nascent Philippine republic. The… Read More

Why We Fight


When the Pentagon reveals the casualties of America’s wars, it does not make distinctions of their ethnicity. They are all Americans, even for those who were not one quite yet.… Read More

People Power


The Philippines marked the 25 anniversary of the People Power revolt on Feb. 25 with elaborate ceremonies at the EDSA shrine and elsewhere. The celebration this year is made more… Read More

RP-US friendship day

No matter what many may say, July 4 is still a historic date for the Philippines. This was the day in 1946 when the United States relinquished its occupation of… Read More

Remember ‘Angel Island’

President Obama, in a proclamation declaring May as Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, hailed the Related PostsFilAms buck, back Obamacare Leave it to Maya ‘Nobody Simply Snaps’ US… Read More

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