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End of World?

  Are these the signs of global warming? Or end of world as Nostradamus and Mayans have predicted? A Tsismoso philosopher sent in the following observation to Washington Tsismis. "Pare,… Read More

Washington Tsismis


Gigolos, beware! WARNING!  A recent medical study shows that a man making love to a woman other than his wife is dangerous to his health. It said men are susceptible… Read More

A delayed greeting

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama or their staff may have been too busy these days that they lost track of time. They must have forgotten that it… Read More


It was fiesta time for Filipinos in the greater Washington D.C. area! At around midnight on Nov. 14 they gathered together to watch “Money” Pacquiao (see Greg Macabenta’s column on… Read More

Who is Nograles’ padrino?

While tens of thousands of Filipinos overseas are raising funds for the victims of typhoons Ondoy, Pepeng, Ramil, etc. a 14-man Philippine congressional delegation led by Speaker Prospero Nograles arrived… Read More

The silent ‘Post’

A Tsismoso agrees with the Manila Mail’s report (May 15, 2009) that the Washington Post, Washington Times and some mainstream Virginia newspapers wittingly or unwittingly did not publish a single… Read More

Hail to the Mail

If you see Marites (alias Bing) Branigin strutting around town with oodles of press passes hanging around her neck or hidden in her purse, do not be surprised. Related PostsP-Noy,… Read More

How Filams see Obama

“I felt like I was in Manila shortly after the ouster of President Marcos in 1986,” said a veteran newsman who was in Manila when President Marcos and his family… Read More

Remember Jocelyn?

Hear ye! Hear ye! Remember Consul General Jocelyn Garcia, wife of the former Philippine embassy Sphinx, DCM Garcia? Well, the Philippines Commission on Appointments is now on the verge of… Read More

John, Bush or Osama bin Laden?

Tsismoso has stumbled on a goldmine of tsismis in the Asian American news website. It’s a no-holds-barred barbs about the Democratic and Republican party candidates. Related PostsNaFFAA Pushes FilVote Drive… Read More

Filipino superstitions

The Filipino culture, as one writer puts it in an article on Filipino American Lifestyle, is rich with superstitions about anything and everything. Excerpts from the article: Filipino Americans cannot… Read More

The ‘underground’ workers

One difficulty faced by Filipino Americans trying to develop an outreach program for Filipino workers, documented or undocumented, Read More

Business names

Here are some of the reasons why Filipinos, despite the high prices, continue to shop with a smile. These original catchy business names always elicit laughter from the poor shoppers. Read More

Wanted: ‘DIs’

Many have been asking why Ambassador Willy C. Gaa was relegated to the background when President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was in Washington D.C. late last month. In most of her… Read More


Grr rrrr…During the reception sponsored by the Philippines for the RP-US friendship caucus on Capitol Hill June 24, only six members of the US Congress were able to make it.… Read More

The Ilonggo Nation

Anybody read the online newsletter of the Ilonggos? My fellow Tsismosos have informed me that the name of this new group should be a cause for worry for President Arroyo… Read More

Tsismosos predictions

Now that everyone has made their year-end reviews, I will make my own review of the top Tsismis in 2007 and predictions for 2008: Related PostsOn New Year’s eve Another… Read More

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