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Scrambling for low-hanging fruits

Greg Macabenta

Greg Macabenta DALY CITY Time flies so fast. I cant believe it was in 1991  21 years ago  that I got a call from Freddie Garcia about ABS-CBNs plan to… Read More

Wow, bring a friend

by Greg Macabenta

DALY CITY I truly admire the positive attitude and optimism of the new secretary of tourism, Mon Jimenez. He’s absolutely right. One of the ways to persuade tourists who are… Read More

Secretary of Semantics

By Greg Macabenta Edcel Lagman and Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos, acting as Poster Boys of Anti-Corruption, are threatening the wrath of the law and of God on Noynoy Aquino’s… Read More

PNoy’s Approval Rating

By Greg Macabenta DALY CITY Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda has blamed the columnists for the drop in the approval rating of Noynoy Aquino. Reacting to this, Mangar Mangahas wrote an… Read More

PH’s Image Problem

By Greg Macabenta DALY CITY Back in July last year, I wrote a piece entitled, “The Philippines’ Image Problem Abroad,” in which I stated: “To say that the Philippines has… Read More

Walking the Talk

By Greg Macabenta DALY CITY A large delegation of overseas Filipinos, mostly from America, attended the inauguration of President Noynoy Aquino (I still have to get used to referring to… Read More

Wanting Noynoy to Succeed

By Greg Macabenta DALY CITY Filipinos in America were involved in the recent polls more actively than in any other presidential contest since the snap election that catapulted Cory Aquino… Read More

Operation Swift Boat

DALY CITY In the 2004 US presidential campaign, public opinion polls indicated that Democratic candidate John Kerry had a chance to beat reelectionist George W. Bush. The recipient of several… Read More

Never Underestimate Arroyo

By Greg Macabenta DALY CITY Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, president of the Republic of the Philippines, has decided to run for the congressional seat in her home province currently occupied by her… Read More

A Nation of Warlords

By Greg Macabenta DALY CITY Are we shocked by the brazenness of the Maguindanao massacre? Why Should we be? Haven’t we known all along that the Philippines is a nation… Read More

Money Pacquiao

By Greg Macabenta DALY CITY The Philippines was quiet all of Sunday morning, Nov. 15. People went to church early and then cleared the streets, all of them heading for… Read More

Relief and reform

By Greg Macabenta DALY CITY The past week I have received email messages from Manila, responding to a series of columns that I wrote about the need for “relief and… Read More

Global Filipino Movement

DALY CITY The 6th Global Filipino Networking Convention would have been held in Cebu towards the end of January next year. Read More

Time for heroism

By Greg Macabenta DALY CITY The best in the Filipino manifests itself when a calamity strikes. In the wake of typhoon Ondoy, Filipinos all over the world have spontaneously and… Read More

Of surveys and spin

At my favorite watering hole in Daly City, the pundits and kibitzers are trying to make heads or tails of the flood of political news coming from the Philippines. I… Read More

‘Mukhang’ OK

By Greg B. Macabenta SAN FRANCISCO Even before the formal filing of candidacy of presidential candidates, which is in November, the battle lines are now being formed and we are… Read More

What can they offer?

By Greg Macabenta SAN FRANCISCO – It looks like the race is on. Manilans have begun to see spots on TV extolling the virtues of “presidentiables.” If Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and… Read More

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