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Mortgage forgiveness deadline

By Jocelyn P. Porteria

  By Jocelyn P. Porteria If you are thinking of doing a short sale, you might as well ACT FAST AND DO IT NOW!!!  If you are experiencing hardship and… Read More

Tax tips for sellers

By Jocelyn P. Porteria

By Jocelyn P. Porteria Tax time is over for most of us and probably enjoyed the refund if you had some. Some may have saved the money for a down… Read More

Real estate tidbits

By Jocelyn P. Porteria

By Jocelyn P. Porteria REO-TO-RENTAL- not for every market. REO or Real Estate Owned also known as bank owned properties are those foreclosed homes but was not sold in courthouse… Read More

Buying homes on FHA loans

By Jocelyn P. Porteria

By Jocelyn P. Porteria FHA (Federal Housing Authority) loans familiar in 2006 and 2007 when the housing market started going downhill and lenders no longer offering the no down payment-… Read More

Taxes after short sales

By Jocelyn P. Porteria

By Jocelyn P. Porteria It’s nice to be back!!! Here I am again for 2012 providing useful and handy information to you regarding hot topics on Real Estate.  I know… Read More

The bid game

By Jocelyne Porteria It is a bid game out there and same scenario way back in 2004-2005. That was the best times when buyers and their agents were competing to… Read More

Loan Modification Process

By Jocelyn P. Porteria Under President Obama’s Home Affordability and Stability Program, a lot of homeowners were able to keep their homes and modify their loan for more affordable monthly… Read More

The power of short sales

By Jocelyn P. Porteria “The best solution for an individual wanting to sell a property is to seek the guidance, counsel, services and expertise of an Educated, Licensed Real Estate… Read More

The Housing Stimulus

By Jocelyn Porteria On Feb 28 issue, I provided basic and important information on the Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan which took effect March 4. As expected, homeowners are interested… Read More

Your credit scores

By Jocelyn Porteria Credit score is the basic and most important factor in getting loans especially mortgage loans. It is usually ranked as excellent, average, fair and poor. Usually, excellent… Read More

Is your home green?

Nowadays, we always see and hear GO GREEN!!! It carries a lot of meaning and depends on where and how it is associated with. But there is only one common… Read More

How I can sell my house

Most regular homes for sale for at least three months to over a year are being withdrawn in the Read More

Time to buy homes?

By Jocelyn Porteria Last issue, I provided useful information and options if you are in danger of losing your home. I Read More