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Paradigm Shift

Rod Garcia

 By Rod Garcia.  The other day, a feeling of uncertainty gnawed inside of me. With the Sendong flood relief concert coming right up, I still couldn ‘t find the strength in my hand to… Read More

To Blow Up A World

Recently, I found myself among a handful of friends around a dinner table, recounting the blessings and challenges of 2009, and making plans for 2010, when each of us intend… Read More

A fruitful concert

By Rod Garcia I’m happy to report that the Alay concert at Harmony Hall for flood relief went quite well—artistically. The singers/musicians were in their A-game. Super cool Jazzer Charmaine… Read More

Concert for Flood Relief

By Rod Garcia With the devastating flood that has hit Manila recently, the “Alay” concert set for Oct. 25 in Harmony Hall has taken on special meaning and purpose, now… Read More

Why This Show Must Go On

By Rod Garcia Upon seeing me enter the restaurant and limp toward their table, a friend asked “Bakit ka pipilay-pilay diyan?” (What are you limping for?) I told her that… Read More