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JPE Set to Tell All

By Rodney Jaleco

  By Rodney Jaleco Juan Ponce Enrile is ready to tell his story. A former ABS-CBN colleague, Ces Orena-Drilon, got the scoop on a forthcoming bio of one of the… Read More

Martin, Pops & Pinoys

By Rodney Jaleco

  By Rodney Jaleco There was no doubt Martin Nievera and Pops Fernandez still make great music together even after their marriage ended over a decade-and-a-half ago. It was worth… Read More

Shrinking archipelago

By Rodney Jaleco

By Rodney Jaleco When news of the latest flare-up at Scarborough Shoal made the front page, many back home thought it was part of the Spratly Island dispute with China.… Read More

Remembering ACJ

By Rodney Jaleco

By Rodney Jaleco He would give “the stare”  head slightly angled, hair falling slightly on the forehead, one eye squinting a bit  to put us in our place. I imagined… Read More

Watching Fil-Ams on TV

By Rodney Jaleco

My evening couch time just got interesting thanks to “American Idol” contender Jessica Sanchez and, more recently, “Dancing With The Stars” contestant Roshon Fegan. Jessica’s rendition of Billy Joel’s “Everybody… Read More

Half full or half empty?

By Rodney Jaleco

By Rodney Jaleco Over 750,000 new American jobs were created since the start of the year, defying expectations, but the US unemployment rate stayed at 8.3 percent. The degree of optimism… Read More

Bank Secrecy & Quacking Ducks

By Rodney Jaleco

by Rodney Jaleco The impeachment court in the Philippines is probably one of the few places where a duck isn’t a duck even if it walks and quacks like one.… Read More

Shifting winds

By Rodney Jaleco

by Rodney Jaleco Just a few years ago, the Philippines could barely win a Compact with the Millennium Challenge Corporation, hearings were held to denounce human rights abuses, the government… Read More

P-Noy, Obama Searching for Same Answers

Obama UN

By Rodney Jaleco For many in Washington DC , it was their first glimpse of President Aquino  the political scion who captivated voters in the Philippines over a year ago… Read More

Tales from Taal

By Rodney Jaleco My wife grew up by the shores of Taal Lake in Talisay, Batangas. She’d tell me how she and her sisters would harvest “tulya” from the rough,… Read More

Humor and Politics

By Rodney Jaleco If you can’t talk your way out of the most stubborn skeptics, try humor. That’s a tack taken by President Obama’s supporters to quell “birthers” who insist… Read More