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Twenty Five Years Later

By Jon Melegrito Watching the events unfold in Egypt the last few weeks brought back images of our own People Power Revolution that enthralled the entire world 25 years ago.… Read More

‘Nobody Simply Snaps’

By Jon Melegrito In the wake of the January 8 Tucson rampage which killed six people and critically wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, much has been said about the need for… Read More

Lessons from Tucson

By Jon Melegrito I was going to write something light-hearted to start off the New Year, like poke fun at the expected partisan brawl over plans to repeal health care.… Read More

A Year Like No Other

By Jon Melegrito Our return flight from Manila was still in the air making its slow descent to Detroit’s international airport. It was about the same time Barack Obama was… Read More

Field of Dreams

By Jon Melegrito There’s something about Filipinos in Florida. Maybe it’s the sun all year round. They soak it up with as much open-mindedness as they do a stormy weather.… Read More

Waiting for D-Day

By Jon Melegrito It’s getting late in the year. Days are getting shorter, colder. Soon it will be another year. Twenty Ten. Two thousand Ten. How you say it doesn’t… Read More

Big Breakfast at Little Quiapo

By Jon Melegrito Members of the U.S. House of Representatives debating and voting on a health care reform bill arent the only ones not sleeping in this autumn morning one… Read More

Kite Girl

By Jon Melegrito A few days before six-year-old Falcon Heene (aka “Balloon Boy”) of Colorado captured the imagination of millions, Elvie and I took our almost-three-year-old granddaughter, Maya, to Lakeview… Read More

Mamies Mission

By Jon Melegrito It took two visits to the Chevy Chase Bank in Ft. Washington involving two bank tellers, two branch managers and a public relations director to handle Mamie… Read More

Doming for Mayor

By Jon Melegrito Sometime last year, I was invited to Doming Samson’s retirement party at a Holiday Inn in College Park . His family and many of his friends, co-workers… Read More

Mother, Mother I am Sick…

By Jon Melegrito Remember the nursery rhyme we learned in kindergarten, about being sick and asking mother to “Call the doctor very quick,” then anxiously asking the dreaded question: “Doctor,… Read More

Cory’s Legacy

By Jon Melegrito We were in Reston, Virginia for the Asian Festival when the sad news came. Cory Aquino, the lady in a yellow dress who led the People Power… Read More

Banking on My Bank

About this time last year – when the economy was tanking, but before banks started pulling back severely on credit card lending – I got a phone call from my… Read More

Of Trains, Snipers & Swine Flu

When I first heard the news of a Metro train crash on the Red Line Monday evening last week, I didnt think much of it. Accidents, after all, are common… Read More

Storm Warnings

By Jon Melegrito There was something more ominous than the thunderstorms that hit our area last week, prompting severe weather warnings throughout the region. It was the shooting at the… Read More

Of Ladders and Heights

By Jon Melegrito To this day, I still can’t get it out of my mind. It seems so long ago, but the memory is still vivid. Like many other community… Read More

20 Years Ago in June

When PAFC President Ador Carreon announced the board’s “difficult decision” to cancel this year’s Philippine Festival and Parade, many in our community were understandably shocked and saddened. Related PostsKahapon, Ngayon,… Read More

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