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‘Impossible Dream’ Revisited

John Melegrito

By Jon Melegrito Detroit, MI Why, of all places, do you have to hold the NaFFAA Empowerment Conference in Detroit? More than a couple of people have inquired. Why not… Read More

Seeding Time

John Melegrito

  By John Melegrito Everyone who’s touched and tasted my garden’s succulent produce (bitter melons, mainly) has been asking me lately if I’ve planted them already. All winter long, I had… Read More

Snow and Bush

John Melegrito

By Jon Melegrito I miss snow. And I miss George W. Bush. If you’re looking for a connection between the two, you’ll just have to read through. Read More

Asian Bashing

John Melegrito

Now that a winterless winter has given way to Spring, it’s hard to ignore the not-too subtle hints that point to renewals and new beginnings. There also a sense of urgency about restoring energy to initiatives we’ve taken on over the years, not to mention fighting the same old battles. Read More


John Melegrito

By John Melegrito “So, what do we gain by exercising our right to vote?” That was the question posed recently to participants at the regional conference in Virginia Beach of… Read More

Eva’s Journey from Abra to America

John Melegrito

By Jon Melegrito It hurts. Getting laid off can be very stressful, especially if you have mouths to feed and bills to pay.  I’m sure you know of friends or… Read More

Oh, My Lordy!’

John Melegrito

By John Melegrito It’s early Wednesday morning. My journalist friend, Rita Gerona Adkins, is already on the phone. She’s fuming. I don’t usually expect her daily calls until late in the… Read More

The Visit

by Jon Melegrito

A man stopped by a downtown hotel called The Fairfax the other day. He was an 11-year-old boy when another man called The Dictator suspended the writ of Habeas Corpus… Read More

We’ll Never Say Goodbye

By Jon Melegrito Gloria and Ben Caoile have been part of our community for it seems like forever, that the thought of them “leaving” is simply hard to imagine. But… Read More

The Spirit of June 12

By Jon Melegrito For years, we’ve always prided ourselves in being “Number Two,” by virtue of our numbers as the second largest Asian group in America.  The Chinese, of course,… Read More

Of Departures and Farewells

By Jon Melegrito The day before the world was supposed to end, I was scheduled to fly back from Detroit to Washington, after another week of doing “God’s work” (my… Read More

Leave it to Maya

By Jon Melegrito A few weeks ago  days before President Obama announced to the world that bin Laden is dead  our four-year-old grand daughter, Maya, shared a “secret” with her… Read More

The Pinoy Factor

By Jon Melegrito Something to take note of as our community prepares for month-long festivities this summer to promote Philippine culture in the context of a changing America. In his… Read More

Gone to Look for America

By Jon Melegrito Flint, Michigan Driving up North on I-75 towards Flint, I see signs on the highway pointing to Lansing, Port Huron and Saginaw. “Saginaw? I’ve heard of that… Read More

The Plight of Filipino Teachers

By Jon Melegrito The news about public service workers  notably teachers, nurses, cops and firefighters  have not been very complimentary lately. From Wisconsin to Washington State, hundreds of thousands are… Read More

Way to Blaze the Trail!

By Jon Melegrito Marlan Maralit, a labor activist and community organizer who works with me at AFSCME’s International headquarters, breezes into my cubicle Wednesday morning, all elated and excited, feeling… Read More

The Euphoria that was EDSA

By Jon Melegrito “Calling out around the world, are you ready for a brand new beat, Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the street.” It was… Read More

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