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Press freedom revisited

By Juan L. Mercado World Press Freedom Day saw us roped into a Radio Veritas broadcast. The historical context was striking. The Marcos dictatorship, in 1986, blew up Radio Veritas… Read More

Stampede’s end

The Supreme Court has junked pleas to reconsider it’s decision that whacked 16 cities back into status as towns. Related PostsAmbassador Romualdez Dies of Cancer UN funds to be remitted… Read More

A deficit of decency

By Juan Mercado Smudged truth smothers the controversy triggered by World Bank’s blacklisting of seven Filipino and Chinese firms. They rigged bids for road projects, the Bank’s Department of Institutional… Read More

Judas’ Chromosomes

By Juan Mercado MANILA- Wall Street executives ladled themselves $18.4 billion in bonuses as they fired staff and cadged Related PostsAsians Paying Heavy Price in US Recession Peso boosted by… Read More

The 1st Global President

By Juan Mercado MANILA “My FilIpino associates declined an invitation for dinner Tuesday (Jan. 20),” the Australian visitor said. Related PostsP-Noy, Obama Searching for Same Answers Filams hail Obama on… Read More

Prayer without heart

By Juan Mercado MANILA “In prayer, it is better to have a heart without words than words without a heart,” Mahatma Ghandi wrote. Press Secretary. Jesus Dureza did spew a… Read More

Today’s Hemorrhage

By Juan Mercado The context did jolt. Delegates from 151 countries flew into Manila for the”Global Forum on Migration Related PostsRoque directs POEA to review policy on direct hiring of… Read More

Dodging change

by Juan Mercado MANILA – Tuesday’s U.S. elections, we’re told, fractured almost every other record on the books: from voter turnout, youth and ethnic mix of electors to court. Related… Read More

Survival kit

By Juan Mercado In his essay “The Power of Laughter”, Jose Javier Reyes asks: Is humor for us, Filipinos, just a diversion? Or is it a survival kit? Read More

Flawed headcount?

Juan L. Mercado In her Proclamation 1489, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo Read More

Scorched Earth Politics

By Juan L. Mercado “No country in Asia has had more experience with democratic institutions,” Read More

Too old to blush?

By Juan L. Mercado Sleaze spreading throughout this region left Asian Development Bank’s chief economist Related PostsEx-convict Erap addresses graduates FASA presents ‘Bagobo’ dance Filam to run for CA assembly… Read More

Vulnerable messengers

By Juan L. Mercado (In the Philippines ) crimes against journalists, and the impunity that surround such acts, show that the press is as vulnerable Related PostsADB hits govt response… Read More

Abduction as policy

By Jual L. Mercado Who hit the replay button? Rodolfo Lozadas dawn press conference stripped away the regimes fig leaf: Related PostsTop Abu Sayyaf, Foreign Terrorist Leaders Killed in Jolo… Read More

Piranha frenzy

By Jual L. Mercado We spend about P7,000 for every student in this country,” the Education Department official said at a recent Region 7 meeting. Related PostsAmerica’s Most Iconic Landmarks… Read More

On New Year’s eve

By Jual L. Mercado MANILA – On New Year’s Eve, there rises, in all of us, the itch to glimpse the future. Related PostsErap offers to be President Noynoy’s adviser… Read More

Philippine envoy to Vatican quits post

The Philippine Ambassador to Vatican has stepped down amid alleged opposition by some Related PostsBut for Golez, all quiet on repro health front CBCP starts reviewing sex education modules Sun… Read More

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