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Hanging wash on cyberspace

Juan Mercado

  By Juan Mercado    MANILA A less-than transparent Judicial and Bar Council emerged  from  the 1987 Constitution. Impeachment of the 23rd Supreme Court chief justice, however, pried open once… Read More

Mandarin Anyone?

Juan Mercado

By Juan L. Mercado How are your Chinese lessons?” we asked grand daughter Kristin, 8. “So, so,” replied this International School seond grader.. “Why?” You’ll need the Mandarin kid,” we… Read More

End to Bloodletting?

Juan Mercado

By Juan Mercado MANILA “I  sinned  by betraying innocent blood.’  Judas Iscariot’s  scream  re-echoes every Holy Week  for two millennia now. For 30 pieces of silver, Judas  sold out  his best… Read More

Tax Gripes

Juan Mercado

By Juan Mercado MANILA Well, its that time of the year folks. Deadline for filing income taxes is April 15. Are you stumped in grappling with BIR Form 1701? Or is… Read More

Handful of Ashes

Juan Mercado

By Juan L. Mercado Ashes will be traced, in form of a cross on foreheads in Wednesday rites that start off :Lent Slum dweller “ walang ngipin at salawal, drug… Read More

‘Wanted’ Ad

CEBU CITY – “WANTED: Worker to fill in 18,000 ballots. Grade school education. Ability to count not required. No lunch break. Comfort room visit on request. Salary negotiable. Apply in… Read More

Khmer Rouge Clone

By Juan Mercado CEBU President Gloria Macapagal -Arroyo’s legacy has been indelibly stained by a bucolic Maguindanao hillside turned into Khmer Rouge-style killing field. In Amaptuan town, 64 (official tally… Read More

Beatifying the Crooks

By Juan Mercado “It is outrageous, unacceptable and unbelievable”, fumed the usually unflappable Sr. Mary John Mananzan. The co-chair of the Association of Major Religious Superiors flayed the Blue Ribbon… Read More

Ear on the ground

By Juan Mercado CEBU CITY Few see it for now. Funerals for flood and mudslide victims are ongoing. Footage of traumatized survivors, sloshing through ruined homes, crams the evening news..… Read More

1000 cell phones bloom

By Juan Mercado As Typhoon “Ondoy” hit, the scrawny fund-short disaster management systems of a VAT-rich government crumbled. Laborer Muellmar Magallanes drowned after rescuing his 31st victim: a six month… Read More

Writing on Water

By Juan Mercado MANILA “There’s a crocodile in every big river,” the Waray proverb says. “_Balang sulug may buwaya._” And predators lurk in those brawls, whether over quadrupled Press Office… Read More

Lazarus at the gate

By Juan Mercado MANILA – In the raw world of 7/24 journalism, a colleague dashes off a piece with hard-nosed panache that makes one mumble: “Wish I wrote that.” Three… Read More

Two Towers

MANILA – “Some leaders are born women.”. Two towered in our region. Corazon Aquino was one. Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma is the other. President Aquino toppled Marcos’ dictatorship… Read More

We owe Cory

By Juan Mercado Family chitchat, over dinner, faded when evening news cameras panned on the frail lady. Supported by children, a visibly-thinner Corzaon Aquino gingerly shuffled to the hospital elevator.… Read More


By Juan Mercado MANILA – Charter change is not “the threshold at which all other hopes begin.” Life is. Nor is an overhauled constitution the most telling indicator of advance… Read More

Persistent joke

By Juan Mercado CEBU CITY – “There’s a persistent rumor that we’ll have elections in 2010,” This wisecrack ricochets from newsrooms to kapihans. Without fail, the joke triggers cynical laughter.… Read More

Cebu’s Death Squad

By Juan Mercado CEBU CITY Mimicking Davao’s 814 summary executions, Cebu City finds itself necklaced with an unsought legacy: 183 “murders with a wink.” The timeline is instructive. Davao’s death… Read More

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