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Honeymoon over?

By Nestor Mata MANILA After 14 days in the White House, President Barack Obama told the American people in television interviews, in very un-presidential terms, he “screwed up” in his… Read More

Presidential exemplar

MANILA Now on the 14th day of his first 100 days in the White House, President Barack Hussein Obama is Related PostsDear Mr. President No deal Time for Immigration Reform… Read More

‘We will do’

MANILA – Barack Hussein Obama became the 44th president of the United States after he took his Related PostsFirst 100 days Obama shines in London Deportation of Obama’s aunt put… Read More

JFK’s ‘Little Princess’

MANILA The question has been raised following reports that Caroline Schlossberg, better known as Caroline Kennedy, lone surviving child of John F. Kennedy, was being groomed as senator from New… Read More

A ‘unifying leader’?

MANILA President-elect Barack Obama’s governing team of heavyweights for his Cabinet, key White House staffers and other senior advisers, has been widely applauded in Democratic and Republican circles, and by… Read More

Challenges for Obama

Nestor Mata MANILA Truly, it was a historic moment when Barack Obama was elected as the first black president of the United States of America early this month. When he… Read More

An epic triumph

Nestor Mata MANILA – The triumph of Barack Hussein Obama as the first ever Black president of the United States of America, was doubtlessly an epic feat, unimaginable long, long… Read More

‘Transformational leader’

Nestor Mata MANILA – Only four days remain to Election Day in America, and the latest poll survey shows that the historic national race between Senator Barack Obama, the first… Read More

An unedifying race

By Nestor Mata Sarah Palin, the new political star who appeared on the national stage over two weeks ago has grabbed the spotlight away from Barack Obama, the Democratic Party’s… Read More

Widely popular and pretty face

Nestor Mata ALASKA Governor Sarah Palin, the Republican Party’s candidate for Vice-President, is proof positive that America’s women have indeed Related PostsAmbassador Romualdez Dies of Cancer ‘Alaskeros’ contributions to Alaska… Read More

The presidential candidates

Nestor Mata I have watched American presidential elections for decades, but you know this is the very first time that a young African-American and an elderly statesman and war hero… Read More

Neck and neck

By Nestor Mata The US presidential raceE between Senator Barach Obama and Senator John McCain, as they say in racing parlance, is in a political “neck and Read More

Bobby Fischer’s daughter?

Nestor Mata MANILA When Bobby Fischer, arguably the greatest chess player of all time, Read More

The grand deception

Nestor Mata MANILA-Gloria Arroyo, who has deceived the Filipino people for more than seven Read More

‘The Devil in Corruption’

Nestor Mata MANILA-Who exactly is accountable for the shameless level of corruption in the Philippines today? Related PostsStealing people’s money ‘Mukhang’ OK Cynicism and apathy mark Afghan polls Thai elephant… Read More

‘Do Something’

By Nestor Mata An ordinary Filipino citizen bewails the criminality and corruption in the country in these parlous times. Related PostsADB hits govt response to disasters More Pinoys may grow… Read More

Hillary or Barack?

By Nestor Mata MANILA- The race for the Democratic Partys nomination for the US presidency in November between Hillary Related PostsUS pushing UN status for gay rights group GILBERT TEODORO… Read More

Nestor Mata by Nestor MataBy Nestor Mata
MANILA- The race for the Democratic Partys nomination for the US presidency in November between Hillary (more…)