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The People

By Nestor Mata MANILA Virtually every President-elect makes the pledge that he Read More

War president as peacemaker

MANILA It’s a paradox, but Barack Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize soon after he escalated the war in Afghanistan.’ When US President Barack Obama accepted the 2009 Nobel Peace… Read More

Changing political climate

NEW YORK The political climate is changing for Barack Obama. Ever since he entered the White House ten months ago as the first black United States president last January, he… Read More

Obama defends legacy

NEW YORK Just nine months in office, President Barack Obama and his White House advisers or, as they are called, “czars,” are already defending his presidential “legacy.” While jetting across… Read More

‘Aida’ returns to the Met

NEW YORK – When Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida with its magnificent spectacle and intimate but tragic love story returned to the Metropolitan Opera last week, it was greeted with rousing ovation.… Read More

All Talk/No Walk?

NEW YORK Soon after getting the Nobel Peace Prize last week, President Barack Obama headed to a high-powered White House military strategy meeting on his war in Afghanistan. Read More

Night at the Opera

By Nestor Mata NEW YORK – I promised myself that the first thing I’d do on my arrival here for my annual sabbatical was to attend the opening night at… Read More

Of poll surveys

MANILA Modern public opinion surveys are designed to record and report on who is most favored by voters, out of a dozen or so candidates, in next year’s presidential race.… Read More

The virus of lies

Nestor Mata MANILA -With Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, the illegal resident of Malacañang, we’re better off assuming that everything that comes out of her mouth is separated by nothing but her… Read More

A Cory Cult

Nestor Mata MANILA – Many thousands of mourning Metro Manilans lined the streets, tossed yellow flowers and confetti, and chanted “Cory! Cory! Cory! as the funeral cortege bearing the remains… Read More

Farce or Tragedy?

What has been unfolding before the eyes of all Filipinos? With the exception of Gloria Arroyo and her fanatical political minions inside Malacañang and in what’s derisively called by a… Read More

The ‘kangaroo trial’

MANILA The long knives of Manny Villar’s political tormentors are out, of all places, inside the august hall of the Philippine Senate. All of them belong to the majority bloc… Read More

Obama’s 100 days

MANILA – What exactly did Barack Obama, the first black POTUS, accomplish in the first 100 days of his presidency? If you were to pose this question to Obama?s advisers… Read More

The Obama Doctrine?

MANILA – Almost 100 days at the White House now, President Barack Obama is reported as already moving American foreign policy in “a new direction.” Related PostsDel Rosario defines 3… Read More

Obama shines in London

MANILA AT the London summit of world leaders recently, President Barack Obama’s star glowed brightly. And at its closing, the POTUS proclaimed the event a “turning point” in the effort… Read More

Daniel Smith, quo vadis?

MANILA Local feminists have been demanding maximum penalty for Daniel Smith because he had sex with their Nicole, I had repeatedly emailed most of these feminists requesting for confirmation: Related… Read More

Afraid of People Power

MANILA Without a doubt, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is afraid of a new “People Power” that would yank her out of the corridors of power and restore true democracy in this country,… Read More

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