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Aquino promises a lot


By Leandro DD coronel MANILA President Benigno Aquino III spoke in Pilipino, his country's national language, and told his "bosses" that the speech he just delivered wasn't his, but the… Read More

Who do the people believe?

By Leandro DD coronel MANILA The President of the Philippines, Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III, has been in office for two years. He was at first reluctant to run for… Read More

Jessica Can’t be 16!

By Leandro DD coronel

  By Leandro DD coronel MANILA The other contestants on American Idol should file a complaint against Jessica Sanchez for falsifying her age. There's no way she's only 16 years… Read More

PNoy’s own SWAT

By Leandro DD coronel

By Leandro DD Coroenl MANILA It may not be so apparent but President Aquino is under siege from many sides. Observer wonders if he’ll survive for long. Related PostsPinoy’s English… Read More

The envoy is a coward

By Leandro DD coronel

 MANILA “Forty percent of all male tourists who visit the Philippines go there for sex.” The American ambassador to the Philippines, a guy named Harry Thomas, made this statement sometime… Read More

Impeachment Cliffhanger

By Leandro DD coronel

 By Leandro DD Coronel MANILA The chief justice’s impeachment trial here has put the nation in suspended animation after taking a break as Filipinos observe Lent. The Senate serving as… Read More

Mad, mad Miriam!

By Leandro DD coronel

By Leandro DD Coronel MANILA The prosecution rested its case on the seventh week of the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona after presenting only three of its eight… Read More

Impeachment turns nasty

By Leandro DD coronel

Leandro DD coronel MANILA Chief Justice Renato Corona’s impeachment here has taken a nasty turn. President Benigno Aquino III and Corona have stooped low, calling each other names. In an… Read More

Stars of the impeachment

By Leandro DD coronel

MANILA In the continuing impeachment trial here of the country’s Chief Justice, the prosecuting panel has been soundly routed by the courtroom-savvy private lawyers of the defense. It’s been a… Read More

Who hates PNoy?

By Leandro DD Coronel MANILA From the start of President Benigno Aquino III’s administration, certain groups have been trying to undermine his hold on power. Let’s have a look at… Read More

PNoy’s tough job

By Leandro DD Coronel MANILA If we thought being President would be a breeze for Noynoy Aquino after getting an overwhelming mandate from the people, we couldn’t have been more… Read More

Putting Aquino Down

By Leandro DD Coronel MANILA There’s a concerted effort here by President Benigno Aquino’s critics to make him look like a slouch and a leader who starts work late and knocks… Read More

Aquino’s love life

Bunny Calica

By Leandro DD Coronel MANILA President Benigno Aquino III’s love life is in the news again here. Why can’t we give the guy a break and lay off his personal… Read More

Japanese’ quiet dignity

By Leandro DD Coronel MANILA The magnitude 9.0 earthquake, the resulting tsunami and a possible nuclear meltdown in Japan have rendered that country’s people a massive blow, causing destruction, loss of… Read More

Finally, proof of Marcos’s abuses

By Leandro DD Coronel MANILA Finally, victims of the iron rule of Ferdinand Marcos have official proof that the dictator did violate citizens’ human rights and caused great anguish and… Read More

Stealing people’s money

By Leandro DD Coronel MANILA The recent exposes of corruption in the Philippine military have given the Filipino people a solid idea of how much of their money was being stolen… Read More

Rotten to the corps

By Leandro DD Coronel MANILA The Philippine Constitution states that the military is the protector of the people. Well, screw the Constitution, these military brass don’t care about their mandate… Read More

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