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Obama says US laws apply to his aunt living illegally in US

Democrat Barack Obama suggested in a television interview to be broadcast Monday that his Boston-based Kenyan aunt, who was found to be living illegally in the United States, should be… Read More

Immigration still a ‘political hot potato’ in Ariz.

Presidential candidates have been silent on issue. Related PostsNew USCIS Rule Will Help TNTs Deferred Action Begins Approval of petitions after death of relative Public charge USCIS warns of scam… Read More

Waiver to remove conditional residence

By: J.G. Azarcon, Esq. An alien who is a beneficiary of a permanent resident petition filed by a U.S. citizen spouse within two years after the marriage is Related PostsBI… Read More

Microsoft launches program to help illegal immigrant children with legal aid

SEATTLE – Partnered with some of the nation’s legal powerhouses – and with actress Angelina Jolie as a Related PostsWindows Phone 7: Is it worth the wait? Microsoft study shows… Read More

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Initiates Use of AS&E’s Z Portal Vehicle Screening System at Southwest Border

American Science and Engineering, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASEI) (AS&E(R)), a leader in X-ray detection technology, announced today that Related PostsRecession causes decline in Asian immigration USCIS extends JI visas for foreign… Read More

Studies show U.S. Hispanics remain insular

Immigration experts are at odds on how quickly Hispanic immigrants are blending into U.S. society and Related PostsSelective service registration Inadmissible by ill-health Filams hail Obama’s historic election Part 2… Read More

Mexican Sentenced to Federal Prison for Re-entry After Deportation

Boise, Idaho – A Mexican national was sentenced to 40 months in federal prison yesterday for illegally re-entering the United States after being deported, following an investigation by U.S. Immigration… Read More

Family tangled up in immigration system divided between two countries

DURHAM, N.C. – Angela Guerrero knew she might be overwhelmed for a few weeks, possibly a month, Related PostsLove but little money for Mexico?s female fighters Broward Art Student Faces… Read More

Immigration authorities raid chicken processing plant

GREENVILLE, S.C. – Federal authorities raided a House of Raeford Farms plant Tuesday, detaining more Related PostsDHS nabs 117 fugitives, including Pinoys, in Florida Dumlao ordered deported to RP TNT’s… Read More

ICE raids South Carolina poultry plant

Federal immigration agents say they have carried out criminal search warrants at the Columbia Farms Related PostsJSO and ICE team up ICE stepping up Ohio deportations 49 Filipinos deported; ICE… Read More

Removal of permanent residents

By J.G. Azarcon, Esq. Having a green card is not an absolute guarantee that an alien will not be removed from the United States. A permanent resident alien who commits… Read More

ICE arrests 1,157 in California

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents announced Monday that 1,157 people have been arrested in an illegal immigration sweep Related PostsAmbassador Cuisia Meets with Representative Farr of California Way to Blaze… Read More

More than 1,000 arrested in crackdown against illegal immigrants in California

More than 1,000 suspects have been arrested in a three-week federal crackdown on criminal aliens, Related PostsMayor Daley Shows Support For Illegal Immigrants Children out of wedlock Two Appellate Court… Read More


September 25, 2008 CONTACT AUSA VICKIE E. LEDUC or MARCIA MURPHY at (410) 209-4885 ILLEGAL Related PostsDaily News Calls Vargas Famous Undocumented Alien Tourism dept. opposes PSVARE hosts biggest HVAC/R… Read More

U.S., United Kingdom Border Agencies Agree to Exchange Critical Passenger Information to Protect Borders

Tuesday, September 23, 2008) Washington — U.S. Customs and Border Protection signed a joint agreement today in Washington, D.C., with the United Kingdom Border Agency to strengthen our Related PostsGhost… Read More

Deportations to Haiti halted

U.S. immigration authorities say they have temporarily halted deportations to storm-ravaged Haiti.Four Related PostsRotten to the corps DFA ready to bring back remains of Filipino woman from Haiti Help the… Read More

Cabinetmaker Pleads Guilty to Illegal Alien Hiring Practices

Oakland, California – The owner of Pepe’s Cabinets, an Oakland carpentry business, pleaded guilty today Related PostsOakland Pinoys Tanglaw 2009 Police, ICE Agents Argue Over Immigrant’s Case Few local agencies… Read More

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