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Wanting It All

By Myrna Lopez

By Myrna Lopez The London Olympics is in full swing. The determination to win is evident in every creased brow and pursed lips of the athletes. They want to be… Read More

Mortgage forgiveness deadline

By Jocelyn P. Porteria

  By Jocelyn P. Porteria If you are thinking of doing a short sale, you might as well ACT FAST AND DO IT NOW!!!  If you are experiencing hardship and… Read More

End of World?

  Are these the signs of global warming? Or end of world as Nostradamus and Mayans have predicted? A Tsismoso philosopher sent in the following observation to Washington Tsismis. "Pare,… Read More



(with Scallion Mignonette)   We just came back from the Philippines after joining the most incredible and the best tour we have ever experienced, which is sponsored by the Philippine… Read More

‘Impossible Dream’ Revisited

John Melegrito

By Jon Melegrito Detroit, MI Why, of all places, do you have to hold the NaFFAA Empowerment Conference in Detroit? More than a couple of people have inquired. Why not… Read More

Hanging wash on cyberspace

Juan Mercado

  By Juan Mercado    MANILA A less-than transparent Judicial and Bar Council emerged  from  the 1987 Constitution. Impeachment of the 23rd Supreme Court chief justice, however, pried open once… Read More

Pinocchio Reid

J. G. Azarcon, Esq.

By J. G. Azarcon, Esq. At a time when unemployment edged up to 8.3% and gross domestic product for the second quarter of 2012 limped to an anemic 1.25%, Senate Minority… Read More

JPE Set to Tell All

By Rodney Jaleco

  By Rodney Jaleco Juan Ponce Enrile is ready to tell his story. A former ABS-CBN colleague, Ces Orena-Drilon, got the scoop on a forthcoming bio of one of the… Read More

Deferred Action Begins

J. G. Azarcon, Esq.

  By: J.G. Azarcon, Esq.   On August 3, 2012, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced that it will begin to accept applications for deferred action status on August… Read More


Oscar O. Bunoan

          By Oscar O. Bunoan Son:  Dad, isn't it that the Father is always the King of the House? That's what our teacher told us. Dad:… Read More

Monday Cabaret

Dino  Dela Rosa

  By Dino  Dela Rosa  Musical acts and spoken word seem to be distant cousins but not to Regie Cabico and    Don Michael 'Don Mike' Hodreal Mendoza, established Filipino-American thespians,… Read More

Aquino promises a lot


By Leandro DD coronel MANILA President Benigno Aquino III spoke in Pilipino, his country's national language, and told his "bosses" that the speech he just delivered wasn't his, but the… Read More


Angelyn Tugado-Marzan

  By Angelyn Tugado-Marzan “Wala na si Pidol!” “Tepok na si Kevin Cosme!” “Dedbol na si John Puruntong!” “Yari na si Facifica Falayfay!” Last July 10, 2012, all these meant “Patay… Read More

Proud to Be

By Myrna Lopez

By Myrna Lopez I am proud to be an American.  I take it as a personal affront when my America is excoriated mercilessly. The time has long passed when I… Read More

Brugada Syndrome

By Philip S. Chua, M.D., FACS, FPCS   Brugada Syndrome is a baffling condition where a person, who appears to be healthy, unexpectedly develops cardiac arrest, for no apparent reason. Most victims… Read More

Who do the people believe?

By Leandro DD coronel MANILA The President of the Philippines, Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III, has been in office for two years. He was at first reluctant to run for… Read More

Journey -A Tale of Two Men

By Myrna Lopez

By Myrna Lopez This is a Father’s Day salute to the two men who figure prominently in my life. My journey with my husband is at its zenith, while my… Read More

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