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Barry’s folly


By J. G. Azarcon, Esq.By J. G. Azarcon, Esq.

I salute the new Philippine Ambassador to Washington, DC, His Excellency Jose L. Cuisia, Jr. This gentleman can actually deliver a diplomatic punch with the sting of Pacquiao’s left hook.

When former DC Mayor and current Council member Marion Barry assailed the presence of Fil-Am nurses in the city’s health facilities, the Philippine Ambassador instantly pushed back with verbal volleys deploring the unfortunate tirades of Barry and demanding an apology.

If only President P-Noy and the  Department of Foreign Affairs would use the same strong language in dealing with the trespassing  bullies from Beijing that are exploiting the Philippine maritime resources, Manila could earn some respect. They should at least scratch and claw even if only in words the way the Vietnamese resist the Red Chinese.

Coming back to Barry, I am actually inclined to give him a pass. He explains that he was just misunderstood. He is probably telling the truth. You see, Barry has a history of saying something that he does not mean. Back in his Mayor days, he used to lead citizens marching in troubled neighborhoods chanting- Up With Hope, Down With Dope.

Not long after the last chant died down, Barry was videotaped snorting cocaine in a motel room with his girlfriend.  He was convicted and served time in jail.

So there you are. Barry did not really mean what he said. Or maybe he was just hallucinating from a bad habit.


Pres. Barack Obama says that this coming election is about fairness. He wants the top 1% earners pay their fair share in taxes insinuating that this fortunate class are suckers of the nation. He has adopted the mantra of the rowdy Occupy Wall Street campers.

Newsmax published data sourced from Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation revealing that the top 1% earner in the U.S shoulder more tax burdens than citizens of the world’s most developed nations. The top 1% earner accounts for 45.1% of US income tax revenue.

Here are the top ten nations: U.S. (45.1%); Italy (42.2%); Ireland (39.1%); Australia (36.8%); New Zealand (35.9%); Canada (35.6%); Netherlands (35.2%); Czech `Republic (34.3%); U.K. (32.3%); Finland (32.3%); Slovak Republic (32%).

According to IRS data, roughly 50% of individuals in the US do not pay income taxes. Since all of us benefit from whatever America provides, why would it not be fair to require all working citizens to contribute something to the national treasury?  Is Obama’s populist rhetoric just a political gimmick to deflect attention from his dismal record?

Most of us can only dream of sliding up to the 1%. It is not a sin to be rich, that’s why buy lotto tickets.


Unemployment dropped a notch from 8.2% to 8.1% in April, 2012. Speaking before adoring Democrats in his first full-throttle campaign sortie in Ohio, Pres. Barack Obama cited this seemingly improving economic data as indication that the employment picture is getting brighter and that his policies are on the right tract.

Unemployment rate measures the percentage of people not working in relation to people working and/or seeking employment. The bad news behind the drop in unemployment rate is that in the month of April, 342,000 people left the work force and therefore were not part of the count in determining unemployment rate. These people quit job hunting and simply gave up on the possibility of employment.

If the unemployment rate were to be determined based on the size of the workforce in place when Obama took office in 2008, the actual unemployment rate would be around at least 10.1%.  At 63.6% of the labor work force, the participation rate of working-age people was at its lowest in April, 2012 since December, 1981 according to the wall Street Journal. This is the sobering reality behind the political spin.


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